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leadership training seminars - a brief review of leadership skills training seminars, programs, courses & workshops.

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Mustard Seed Investments Presents:
Leadership Training Seminars & Tools

Leadership Training Seminars

Leadership training seminars, courses and programs need equal amounts of art and science to be effective. The success of these types of training seminars depend on your agreement with Winston Churchill's wise observation: "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

When it comes to defining, developing or improving leadership skills, training seminars are most efficacious when your seminar sessions blend time-tested, active and educational methods of leading, listening and learning.

If you have ever looked into using a leadership training seminar program, you have probably encountered one or more of the following challenges and problems:
  1. Leadership training will usually cost you some serious money - in fact, some programs are outrageously expensive

  2. Leadership training programs last for a very short time - quite a few of them run for only one or two days

  3. Many leadership training programs fail to give you some way to support or help you meet your daily challenges

  4. Less than 1% of all leadership training programs couple coaching and mentoring follow-ups with classroom sessions

  5. Most leadership training programs like to do 'raw data dumps'- the vast majority of them do NOT give you chances to 'blend' your learning experiences with supervised practice
Our leadership training seminars are designed to help you find, use and take advantage of every leadership skills learning opportunity you encounter - in a word, you will be able to employ your leadership skills in highly effective, more creative and powerful ways.

Let me ask you - when you invest in your education, do you want mere satisfaction or are you looking for bottom-line growth, tangible results and enduring success?

Because your satisfaction and growth are of paramount importance to you, our programs are Guaranteed to deliver at least 100% Return on Your Investment [ROI], in terms of measurable results, or your money back!

REVIEW this catalog of our 60-70 minute web-based Leadership Training Seminars - SELECT a Seminar to Improve Your Leadership Skills, Today

Superior leadership training seminars usually provide a substantial amount of practical advice coupled with strategies for assessing and tracking performance. Training your leadership skills and building your leadership competence evolve through consistent practice, relevant application and rigorous evaluations of those skills that you receive in your leadership training seminar.

Great New Leadership Skills Training
Discovery Helps You Learn, Practice And
Master The Success Of Legendary Leaders!

You Will Learn 1001+ Time-Tested Ways To:

  • Empower Your Natural Talents and Capabilities,
  • Expand Your Personal, Team & Corporate Leadership Skills,
  • Energize Your Leadership Styles, Roles, Behaviors and Traits
  • Enhance Your Leadership Strategies, Networks, Agendas and Processes

This Skills Training Program Is Guaranteed to
Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness...
Or Your Money Back!

The problems embedded within most leadership skills training workshops, seminars and courses is a very obvious one -  students are simply exposed to brief overviews and glimpses of leadership strategies, concepts and principles.

Leadership skills training workshops - where the emphasis is the idea of "working". In those sessions, you actually get opportunities to perform leadership tasks, create your future leadership training needs or objectives and receive feedback on your performance of leading teams, other people or even yourself.

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A new approach to setting goals

Executive and management leadership skills training programs - the dual responsibilities of managing people and directing an operation demand you, the manager, have a firm grasp of the concepts and principles of leadership as well as in-depth explorations into effective leadership strategies, styles, roles, behaviors and tasks.

Leadership skills training for executives, management and supervisors may also examine additional subjects such as personal leadership development, emotional intelligence, business strategy, planning and presenting techniques, innovation and entrepreneurship and more

Executive Guide:
How To Energize Your
Innovative Leadership Power!

Professionals, managers and entrepreneurs everywhere are driven to:
  • Unravel today's complex economic and social realities;
  • Create and add subtanstial amounts of new value;
  • Develop products which satisfy or exceed consumer demands;
  • Provide competitive services to help their organizations succeed globally.
If you could acquire the aptitudes and follow the behavioral patterns of highly competent innovative leaders like Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman, Jack Welch, Michael Dell, Madam Marie Curie, Ben Franklin and other innovators, you would be fully equipped to lead your team into the next frontiers of imaginative possibilities and establish a sustainable culture of innovation.

Energize Your Innovative Leadership Power - Executive Guide  This Executive Guide describes 19 strategies innovative leaders use to transform their organizations into profitable and productive innovating organisms powered through global knowledge networks.

Your Guide helps you understand the critical actions every innovative leader needs to take. You'll learn how to effectively apply your innovation-generating techniques to your daily situations.

You will use your Guide to develop a powerful personal portfolio of innovative behaviors and aptitudes which will empower you to successfully manage your most difficult challenges and easily discover a wide range of feasible solutions.

Within the Executive Guide, you will learn how to:
  • Distinguish an innovative leader from other traditional leaders;
  • Define the strategic insights, creative instincts and artistic flair demanded of innovators;
  • Analyze and decipher the inner qualities of innovative leadership;
  • Use activity-based learning techniques to quickly and thoroughly comprehend any subject matter;
  • Adopt and acquire new behaviors, traits and aptitudes;
  • Confidently begin the process of becoming an innovative leader;
  • Practice and master the skillful art of innovative leadership;
  • Apply innovative leadership to the realities of your world.
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Skills training programs for international leadership - usually involves long-term personal as well as business or operational leadership training programs which can run for long as 6 months all the way up to 3 years or more.

In many instances, organizations will select future executives or fast-track their management candidates who then participate in an extensive series of challenging experiences through these leadership skills training and development programs.

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Energizing Programs!

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