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Mission Impossible?
Does Your Leadership Training Course HELP YOU:

  • Empower Your Natural Talents and Capabilities,
  • Expand Your Personal, Team & Corporate Leadership Skills,
  • Energize Your Leadership Styles, Roles, Behaviors and Traits
  • Enhance Your Leadership Strategies, Networks, Agendas and Processes

Our Program Saves You Money, Gives You More & Is
Guaranteed to Improve Your Leadership Impacts
Performances & Effectiveness...
Or Your Money Back!

Please Feel Free To Watch A Short Video To Learn How
Our Leadership-Toolkit Programs Empower, Energize &
Enhance the Performance of Leaders Like You!

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Why Wait?
Decide to put these long-term, self-directed, high-impact learning solutions to work for you.

Do it Now! Get your own Leadership Toolkit!

What about the guarantee?

The Leadership Toolkit has our iron-clad, 
no-nonsense, no-questions-asked, no-hassle,
no-problem-getting-your-money-back guarantee!

leadership skills training course - guarantee

If after putting the lessons into practice, you feel that the Leadership Toolkit has failed to help you grow into an effective, nurturing and inspirational leader, we will return your money back to you.

Why such a STRONG guarantee?

Because you will see benefits as soon as you start putting your new learning to work. Of course, it will take time and patience for you to realize the full potential of this extraordinary leadership training toolkit.

While there are no quick fixes, we believe the permanent changes you experience through this comprehensive program will positively improve your life forever.

What do you get?

The Leadership Toolkit contains 31, in-depth, 20+ page Tutorials & Action-Guides AND these Tutorials/Guides are filled with hundreds of proven best practices, world-class expertise, and practical ideas or useful strategies giving you all the tools you need for the successful practice of innovative, inspirational, impactful leadership.

Select the depth of training you need from our BASIC Toolkit, or our Intermediate (INT) or Advanced (ADV) level programs - Read the list of Free Gifts & Features below.

In addition, you will get these outstanding FREE Gifts & Enhanced Features

  1. "Paragons of Knowledge" metazine [we call it a 'metazine' because it's so much more than a mere ezine] - [ALL] Actual Value = $297 for annual subscription;
    1. Features 60+ informative articles, resources and special offers especially designed for today's knowledge professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders every month in 6 categories;
      • Leadership & Management
      • Entrepreneurial, Innovation & Business
      • Self-Improvement & Personal Leadership
      • Life, Relationships, Family and Leisure
      • Career and Professional Development
      • Spiritual Matters & Christ-centered Lessons
    2. Engages you with weekly updates & news bulletins
  2. Access our web-based Leadership Answer Center which includes: [ADV] - Actual Value = $4000 for 12-month package
    1. Join live Chat Room sessions - get hours of online support & expertise every week [BASIC service gets 2, 15-minute sessions of 1-on-1 tutoring - ADV & INT have unlimited access & weekly 1-on-1 tutorings]
    2. Read special feature articles, white papers and Briefings - expand and build-up your knowledge base every month [BASIC service gets 2 for free, INT gets 6 for free, ADV gets 12 for free]
    3. Receive informative email broadcasts - see up-to-the-minute news and important alerts [BASIC gets 2 alerts, INT gets 12 alerts, ADV gets unlimited alerts]
    4. Enroll in interactive Webinars and Web-based Workshops - learn and acquire specific skills and best leadership practices [ADV gets 1 for free every 60-days]
    5. Low cost access to our exclusive Leadership Performance Empowerment Center [PERC - ADV gets unlimited access, INT gets low-cost access] - contains software, resources, repository of letter, legal/corporate, website & PDF/Word templates, task and time management tools, event scheduling and assignment tracking programs, simple-to-use database forms for executive or professional users and full-featured network of online office programs and private email facilities
  3. Strategic Meditations for Leaders - to boost your personal motivation, enrich your soul and elevate your spirit - these energizing, empowering reflections will strengthen your "inner-person" [BASIC gets 2 free issues, INT & ADV get unlimited issues] - Actual Value = $495 for 52-week package
  4. Subscription to The Leader's Edge - our monthly advisory publication focuses on the very best-in-class resources, tools and services for leaders [FREE 30-day trial subscription] - [BASIC gets 1 free issue, INT & ADV get unlimited issues] - Actual Value = $249 for annual subscription.

If you order The Leadership Toolkit now I will include these 8 Extra-Special Bonuses worth $370 during your first 7 days:

  1. Bonus Handbook - "Vision-Making Guidelines for Leaders - 125 Strategies for Creating Your Vivid Leadership Vision!" - Your envisioning, planning and organizing skills will soar when you use the checklists and methods provided in this popular, how-to HandbookActual Value = $49.95
  2. "Effectiveness Can Be Learned - Strategies and Concepts for Making Your Knowledge Contributions More Effective!" - shows you how to create, evaluate and use concept or strategy maps to optimize your value and increase your competence - Actual Value = $49.95
  3. "How to Energize Your Innovative Leadership Power!" - a 22 page Executive Guide which helps you understand the critical actions all innovative leaders must take - learn how to apply innovation-generating techniques to your daily situations - Actual Value = $49.95
Free bonus 4:

"Inside the Minds of 9 Winners!" - contains more than 260 pages of insights detailing the strategies, methods and other secrets used by these professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve in many areas of their lives. Actual Value = $49.95

Free bonus 5:

"Conditioning Your Mind for Success!" - This book provides you with proven effective techniques you can use to automatically and easily plant and nurture the seeds of success deep into your mind. Actual Value = $49.95

Accept All Three Of These Awesome Classics
As Your Bonus Gifts !
Acres of Diamonds - One of The Giants in Self-Help Literature! The Science of Getting Rich Has Boosted The Incomes of Millions! 44 Confidence-Building Heart-Inspiring Courage-Strengthening Stories - Strategies for Personal Success!

This Book Built Greatness!

A Blueprint For Millionaires

Personal Success Strategies

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Discover, Use, Practice And Master The Secret Skills Of Legendary Leaders"? - Well Now, It's All Up To You!

If you want to be that envisioning, creative, flexible leader who exhibits a positive "can-do" mental attitude, who works in a spirit of harmony with others, and who also strives to help people become competent, highly effective resources and quality-focused contributors to the team's success, then The Leadership Toolkit is the right choice for you.

To celebrate our release of this newly revised version of the "toolkit", we have decided to offer it to you at our special introductory prices of just $49.95 for BASIC, $69/month for Intermediate [INT], $97/month for Advanced [ADV] service.

This is a limited time offer - if you hesitate, you will miss out on this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Since you have nothing to lose with our "iron-clad" guarantee, your great bonuses [Worth $370], free gifts [Valued at $6500+] and low price, why not act right away?

Become the leader that you always dreamed and knew you could be - it's up to you, so act now and grow rich, today!

Decide Today - use our leadership training to develop, elevate & transform yourself into the "legendary leader" you were meant to be!

Select Your Leadership-Toolkit Program
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The ADVANCED Toolkit Gives You Maximum
Growth Benefits & Leadership Training Power!

Get Unlimited Tutorials, ALL Bonus Gifts and Features Listed Above!
Begin Your Advanced [ADV] Leadership Adventure for only $97
Energize Your Leadership Training Today!
Even if it's 2:00 AM!

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The INTERMEDIATE Toolkit Is Superior Value For
Your Leadership Training Needs & Investment!

Enjoy Unlimited Tutorials, Most FREE Gifts and Features Listed Above!
Get Your Intermediate [INT] Leadership Toolkit for just $69
Start Enriching Your Leadership Training Today!
Even if it's 2:00 AM!

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The BASIC Toolkit Is An Excellent Program For
Beginning or Refreshing Your Leadership Training!

Get 31 In-depth Tutorials, Some Bonuses & Gifts Listed Above!
Your Basic [BASIC] Leadership Toolkit for a mere $49.95
Empower Your Leadership Training Quest!
Even if it's 2:00 AM!

Our Secure Servers Will Safely Process
Your Credit/Bank Card or Paypal Account

To your continued success,

Bill Thomas
Managing Principal
Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.
Owners, Publishers & Editors of:
Leadership Power-Tips
The Leadership-Edge

P.S. The Leadership Toolkit is a set of  tools which employ proven training techniques so that you can use the 'toolkit' as your personal treasure chest for continuous growth and enhancement for your leadership training needs.

Now you have a 'virtual' educational resource to help you ascend from basic to intermediate to advanced to the highest plateau of leadership skills development.

Previously, leadership skills, strategy or behavioral education involved a costly, slow, and impractical process.

Now, you can learn, nurture and empower your leadership talents at your own pace - and then practice each concept in your 'real-life' situations, challenges or events, too.

So, decide now, you have nothing to lose with our "iron-clad" guarantee, your $370 worth of great bonuses, free gifts [valued at $6500+] and low price of just a daily cup of coffee.

Order Your ADVANCED Leadership Toolkit for $97


Order Your INTERMEDIATE Leadership Toolkit for $69


Order Your BASIC Leadership Toolkit for $49.95

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