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Executives and professionals from all over the world use our materials to take control over their challenges, develop comprehensive approaches and transform their obstacles into tangible accomplishments!
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Energize Your Innovative Leadership Power - Executive Guide  This power-packed, "How-To" Handbook includes 12 practical diagrams, planning charts and educational action sheets. It is an Executive-level Guide which examines, evaluates and reveals the essential behaviors, attitudes and processes used and mastered by highly successful innovative leaders in business, social and government organizations.  You will become the "innovative leader" this globally-competitive, innovation-driven, Knowledge Economy needs you to be!
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 Professional Excellence Collection
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Professional Excellence Collection

Dynamic Leadership Power Package

Our Dynamic Leadership Power Package features the 2-Volume "Breakthrough Strategic Planning Workshop Toolkit", our "Leading A Creative Evolutionary Innovative Organization" manuals, my 1500-page "Leadership Power Handbook with Gift Set" including 17 Bonus Personal-Power books,  our "Energize Your Innovative Leadership Power" Executive Guide, and the "Power Meeting Generator" software to turn all your meetings into enormously creative, productive, profitable, results-producing events!
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"...thank you so very much for the information which reinforces and embellishes my job as leader of the professional body I head." - A. S. - President of a National Association of Professional Nurses

"Thank you for building [up our] Leadership [abilities]. I believe if we all internalised your articles and [transformed] them to reality, the world would be the best place to [live]." - R.B., Member of a Parliment in an African Nation

"Dear Bill, Praise the Lord. God bless you. Actually you glsdden my heart. Before your reply I went to your Blog site and I was more impressed. I pray that God through Jesus Christ will use many more of you. I will check out more [of] your leadership books..." - G.A, Executive, in the UK

"This is great! First, receive greetings from this side of [India]. I do enjoy every bit of your well-thought through [materials]." - G.W., Executive

"I have read through all the leadership [book chapters]...and i must confess that [these lessons have] been really impactful" - M.O., Executive, Consulting Firm

"Your ears should have been burning earlier today as I told [our President & Dean] about the great strategic planning process you have been leading [our Board of Directors & Senior Executives] through" - J.F., University Professor & Chair-Engineering Department,USA

"Thanks Bill,
I just read ["Energize Your Innovative Leadership Power!"].  It is thoughtful and well presented.   It is especially applicable to those people who get so busy running their own companies/organizations that they don't have the time to research how they might or should be improving. - All the best."
Ann Blackburn, Ph.D.
Organizational Performance Improvement Consultant
California, USA

"Thank you for your inspiring, motivational, educational tips, ideas and information. I`m in a leadership position in the field of education. I consider mine an awsome but rewarding task. I look forward to your strategies, as we know, one can not have too many ideas in achieving one`s goals. Thanks!" - G. S., Executive, Public Schools, USA


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