Leadership for Management & Executives

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The Leadership Power Handbook

The Leadership Power Handbook - Mastering the Dynamic Drivers of Legendary Leaders for Personal and Professional Success!

by Bill Thomas

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leadership management executives - a review of leadership skills training programs, courses & workshops.

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Mustard Seed Investments Presents:
Leadership for Management & Executives

Leadership for Management and Executives

Leadership training for management professionals, managers and supervisors and executives involves courses and programs demanding equal amounts of art and science to be effective. When it comes to providing, developing or improving leadership skills, these training workshops can be very potent when you combine the time-tested, active and educational methods of continuous leading [practice doing], listening [engaging socially] and learning [understanding conceptually].

Developing strong leadership skills of management professionals, managers and supervisors and executives may be quickly achieved using web-based, elearning courses and training workshops supported by coaching follow-ups.

Low cost, web-based, highly dynamic content reflect the intentions of corporate training managements or resource development executives while their programs are being supplied by professional trainers to learners in custom-designed, real-time, one-on-one personalized sessions.

Busy management professionals, managers and supervisors and executives are subject to the relentless pace of Internet-time with its demands more from the ordinary, travel-intensive, "run-of-the-mill" leadership skills training courses, seminars, workshops and programs.

Great New Leadership Skills Training
Discovery Helps You Learn, Practice And
Master The Success Of Legendary Leaders!

You Will Learn 1001+ Time-Tested Ways To:

  • Empower Your Natural Talents and Capabilities,
  • Expand Your Personal, Team & Corporate Leadership Skills,
  • Energize Your Leadership Styles, Roles, Behaviors and Traits
  • Enhance Your Leadership Strategies, Networks, Agendas and Processes

This Skills Training Program Is Guaranteed to
Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness...
Or Your Money Back!

Keeping ahead of today's problems, thorny challenges and incongruities, forces every professional, manager, leader, entrepreneur and consultant to see the development of superior leadership skills as their number one priority.

For more than 35 years, Peter Drucker repeatedly urged and instructed knowledge workers to change their attitudes and actively adopt the leadership traits, behaviors and styles of their management teams and executives by training themselves to become,
       1. "Effective executives";

       2. Eager to "focus on [making] contributions"

       3. Someone who purposely "looks outward toward goals [be visionaries, long-term thinkers - looking towards the Future]"

       4. Take full responsibility for asking, what can I do to "significantly affect the performance and the results of the [organization, teammates, institution or clients] that I serve?"

       5. Assume accountability for the performance of the whole enterprise, company, agency or group

Executive Guide:
How To Energize Your
Innovative Leadership Power!

Management professionals, managers, supervisors, executives and entrepreneurs everywhere are driven to:
  • Unravel today's complex economic and social realities;
  • Create and add subtanstial amounts of new value;
  • Develop products which satisfy or exceed consumer demands;
  • Provide competitive services to help their organizations succeed globally.
If you could acquire the aptitudes and follow the behavioral patterns of highly competent innovative leaders like Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman, Jack Welch, Michael Dell, Madam Marie Curie, Ben Franklin and other innovators, you would be fully equipped to lead your team into the next frontiers of imaginative possibilities and establish a sustainable culture of innovation.

Energize Your Innovative Leadership Power - Executive Guide  This Executive Guide describes 19 strategies innovative leaders use to transform their organizations into profitable and productive innovating organisms powered through global knowledge networks.

Your Guide helps you understand the critical actions every innovative leader needs to take. You'll learn how to effectively apply your innovation-generating techniques to your daily situations.

You will use your Guide to develop a powerful personal portfolio of innovative behaviors and aptitudes which will empower you to successfully manage your most difficult challenges and easily discover a wide range of feasible solutions.

Within the Executive Guide, you will learn how to:
  • Distinguish an innovative leader from other traditional leaders;
  • Define the strategic insights, creative instincts and artistic flair demanded of innovators;
  • Analyze and decipher the inner qualities of innovative leadership;
  • Use activity-based learning techniques to quickly and thoroughly comprehend any subject matter;
  • Adopt and acquire new behaviors, traits and aptitudes;
  • Confidently begin the process of becoming an innovative leader;
  • Practice and master the skillful art of innovative leadership;
  • Apply innovative leadership to the realities of your world.
Pick up your copy and energize the power of your innovative leadership!

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The key to developing excellence in your leadership skills training course or workshop involves and demands:
        * Commitment to a "total-systems" approach

        * Continuous follow-ups, Q & A and peer-group interactions

        * Concentration on the core skills and multi-faceted nature of leadership - such as, selling, envisioning, communicating, planning, mapping & modeling, networking, sensing and perceiving, consulting, and other tasks

        * Concerted and intense exposures to real-world situations, problems and opportunities for exploration.
Management, sales and job-related training programs which are designed in such a way as to develop highly skilled, confident leaders who can become the essential drivers of prosperity for your organization and for experiencing success in your personal career.

Elearning courses, seminars, workshops and 'just-in-time' expert-systems based training programs all provide leverage for the skills of knowledge workers. Leadership development evolves when the process of integrating lifelong learning into the transformational environments of organic job assignments occur.

A new approach to setting goals

In the workplace, knowledge and service management professionals, managers and supervisors and executives people grow through their active learning experiences which blossom out of their direct exposures to:
        * New dynamic situations and challenging problems,

        * Their contributions of new approaches, fundamental ideas and incisive solutions,

        * Making significant or radical improvements to processes, services and products.
Therefore, leadership skills development campaigns must address the issues of knowledge-based work practices, strategies and policies. Coaching, mentoring, training and consulting initiatives demand a discipline that attends to the following concerns:
       1. A deep understanding of how knowledge acquired through formal educational means is converted into economic and social value;

       2. Develop ways to use the skill-sets of highly educated workers to provide diverse career opportunities and a wider applicability of their knowledge;

       3. Encourage and support the growth of leadership, teamwork, consultant, entrepreneurial and management skills through work-related interventions and educational initiatives [through extensive use of coaching, mentoring, peer-group reviews, communities of practice, simulations, elearning, and online or classroom training courses].

Looking For Ultra Leadership Skills Training?

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Today's knowledge work professionals, managers or leaders must comprehend the process of generating and employing awareness, enthusiasm, focus, motivation and dedication to compelling ideals.

Developing strong leadership skills can be quickly achieved using web-based, elearning courses and training workshops supported by coaching follow-ups.

Low cost, web-based, highly dynamic content can be supplied by trainers to learners in custom-designed, real-time, one-on-one personalized sessions.

The relentless pace of Internet-time demands more from the ordinary, travel-intensive, "run-of-the-mill" leadership skills training courses, seminars, workshops and programs.

Keeping ahead of today's problems, thorny challenges and incongruities, forces every professional, manager, leader, entrepreneur and consultant to see the development of superb leadership skills as their number one priority

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Energizing Programs!

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