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The Leadership Power Handbook

The Leadership Power Handbook - Mastering the Dynamic Drivers of Legendary Leaders for Personal and Professional Success!

by Bill Thomas

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Innovative Leadership Employs Innovation Strategy Models
July, 2006

The sole purposes for modeling your innovation strategy are to focus you on, guide you into and reveal the unvarnished yet measurable details of your strategic objectives.
Every innovation strategy must be made to give innovative leaders the means to discharge three paramount aims...

Innovative Leaders Need To Be Savvy Innovators!
July, 2006

Creative, innovative leaders educate themselves to be curious - they emulate the habits, behaviors and manners of Explorers like Columbus, Newton, Ben Franklin, Lewis & Clark, or Edison. Leaders can fine-tune the depth, breadth and sustainability of their innovations and competencies by executing three things...

1000 Managers Turned Their Plans Into Energy!
January, 2005

A recent survey of 1000 executive-level leaders and managers conducted by the UK-based Chartered Management Institute, reveals how organizations experience, "improved business performance when [executive and management level leadership education,] development [and skills training programs are] linked to business [strategic planning process]."

3 "D"s For Leadership Action - Dedicate, Direct, Dialogue
March, 2005

Everyday your leadership is tasked to do these three critical things: to boost dedication, to sharpen direction and to enrich dialogue. When you concentrate your energies on performing those tasks, you will uncover numerous opportunities to enjoy blessings of joy, love, enthusiasm, commitment and personal strength for your team and yourself.

3 Elements of Leadership Power!
Janury, 2005

Leadership skills training for professionals, executives and management personnel forms the basis for outstanding competitive advantages.
Soft skills, "holistic development", "employee empowerment" and other terms are merely euphemisms for leadership energy - they are the process, purpose and principle which supply people with knowledge and propel them to take competent action.

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Leaders Use Their Nature to Nurture!
April, 2003

This article explains how leaders use their natural inclinations to nurture people and employ proactive methods to create stronger, more profitable relationships. Leaders can improve or energize their educational efforts using these healing concepts.

Leaders Use Contextual Cues!
April, 2003

This article defines the concept of contextual cues and describes how leaders use those data to develop effective strategies or appropriate choices of styles. Readers learn why contextual knowledge is an important ingredient in every leaders' personal toolkit.

5 Power Keys for Your Leadership Success!
September, 2004

Did you know that you can successfully handle most leadership challenges with just 5 simple strategies? By focusing your attention on these critical areas you can empower your the opportunities hiding within your vision, new venture or project plans

7 Leadership Power Generators!
November, 2004

Here's a really simple way you can use your personal infrastructure to increase your leadership power, create new innovative solutions and nurture your growth opportunities!

EMC - Is It In Me?
January, 2005

What can we do as leaders, managers and workers in a time when change forces us to shift gears at the speed of light, and alter the shape of our mass at a moment's notice?

3 Innovation Keys!
January, 2005

In today's fast-paced society, where images, ideas and ideals fly past through our minds at warp-speed, the only way to survive and succeed is to innovate as much and as often as possible!

Eat Those Problems and Love It!
November, 2004

So, how do you handle your challenges or problems? Here are 10 time-tested recipes you can use to quickly cook-up tasty masterpieces of solutions - without any muss or fuss. You' ll find that 'clean-up' is a snap, too!

A new approach to setting goals

Can You Learn To Lead Others to Success?
April, 2003

Taking a journey involves having a purpose and an end location in your mind. Your leadership training, development and educational courses demand the same kind of purposeful mind-set. The reasons for improving your leadership abilities... .

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