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You need to find a speaker, someone who loves to do speaking yet you know your guests don't want another plain-vanilla speech. You may be planning an event, conference, a panel discussion between subject matter experts or a large group summit. We here, at Mustard Seed Investments, take our public speaking engagements very seriously.

Our Managing Principal, Bill Thomas, delivers stimulating, persuasive and imaginative keynotes, conference or trade show speeches, breakout sessions or workshops and custom-designed talks for your guests, company meetings and events or those special get togethers with your partners or clients.

Bill works somewhat differently than most speakers. He follows these principles when defining, developing and delivering a speech for you:

  • My speaking service clients deserve and will receive a presentation which is specifically crafted for their unique situations and challenges - it will not be some canned speech I may have presented to many other clients. I promise to work with you to define what will work best with your audience.

  • I will only deliver conference, event or special occasion speeches which are inspirational and instructive, with a heavy emphasis on educating, encouraging and empowering. While motivational speeches can be popular at times, the illusionary effects these speeches tend to produce usually fade in a day or two leaving people disillusioned and disappointed with their lack of progress or realistic possibility. If you seek an escape from the motivational speaker-go-round, please contact us at: +1-719-544-9949 [Voice], 1-866-544-9949 [Toll-free] or via email at:
    Sales [AT] Leadership-Toolkit.Com - Please Click HERE To Email Us -

  • While I love watching films and action-packed TV shows, I do believe the fees of many speakers are totally outrageous when you add up the small amount of value they provide. Speakers operate in a funny industry. We price Bill's services flexibly, neither too high or two low (pricing too low gives people a poor impression of the speaker's ability and value!).

Keynote & Conference Speaking Mission Specifics

Bill plans on speaking at more events and conferences in the next two years [2006-2008]. He's doing it for several critical reasons. The leveling of the global competitive landscape has introduced higher orders of complexity and uncertainty for most leaders. It isn't that there is a lack of skills, but many executives find their organizational efforts heading in pointless, chaotic or unsustainable directions.

When Bill participates in panel discussions, gives speeches or conducts breakout sessions, he wants people to honestly consider the universe of opportunities available when they take purposeful, focused aim at their most promising targets.

So few people have time to sit through long, drawn-out training classes, Bill uses the short segments spent with conference attendees to show them easy to remember, highly focused and practical ways to expand their worldviews, generate new solutions and implement realistic transitions which  optimize performance.

To help you imagine the possibilities, use these speaking topic suggestions as your guide:

  • How To Be A Leadership A.C.E! - What Great Leaders Do To Accomplish Their Missions

  • The Importance of Owning a N.O.B.L.E. Purpose - Your Foundations of Superior Strength

  • Why Leaders Are Like Gourmet Chefs - Blending The 7 Ingredients Of Leadership

  • Using Your Leadership Strategy To Direct, Discipline & Develop People

  • Energizing Your Innovative Leadership Power

  • 5 Ways to Powerfully Leverage Your Organization's Innovations

  • Becoming A Market Leader - A Process, A Tool, & A Perspective

  • Challenges of Leading Knowledge, Technology and Service Professionals

  • Transforming Your Strategic Plans and Leadership Agenda Into Pure Energy

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