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The Leadership Power Handbook

The Leadership Power Handbook - Mastering the Dynamic Drivers of Legendary Leaders for Personal and Professional Success!

by Bill Thomas

Now Available in its New PAPERBACK Edition... - Order Your Own Copy of "The Leadership Power Handbook" - You will hold onto, read and cherish this book for the rest of your natural life! This How-to Guide equips, supplies and energizes you with the essential knowledge you need for your learning and growth. Use it as your operator's manual - a No-Fluff guidebook that's filled-with tutorials, nuggets of wisdom, helpful resources, checklists, time-tested strategies, diagrams, charts, practical lessons, real-world examples and results-producing exercises.
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"...thank you so very much for the information which reinforces and embellishes my job as leader of the professional body I head." - A. S. - President of National Association of Professional Nurses, Caribbean

"Thank you for building us in Leadership [abilities]. I believe if we all internalised your articles and [transformed] them to reality, the world would be the best place to [live]." - R.B., Member of a Parliment in an African Nation

"Dear Bill, Praise the Lord. God bless you. Actually you glsdden my heart. Before your reply I went to your Blog site and I was more impressed. I pray that God through Jesus Christ will use many more of you. I will check out more about your leadership e-books etc." - G.A, Executive, in the UK

"This is great! First, receive greetings from this side of [The World]. I do enjoy every bit of your well-thought through articles." - G.W., Executive, India

"I have read through all the leadership Power-Tips u have sent to me thus far, and i must confess that its been really impactful" - M.O., Executive, Consulting Firm

"Your ears should have been burning earlier today as I told [another Dean] about the great [strategic planning] process you have been leading us through" - J.F., University Professor & Chair of Engineering Department, USA


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