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Company Description

Mustard Seed Investments, Inc. operates web-based and off-line commercial enterprises. These firms specialize in personal, professional/vocational, leadership training and business development and support products and services.

Mustard Seed Investments, Inc. has served the needs of workers, professionals and leaders in over 75 different countries - we value the many enriching experiences of our relationships with those wonderful people.

Formed in 1998, our company endeavors to follow, manage its affairs and operate according to exceedingly powerful tenets, precepts and instructions of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Strategic Objectives

Eliminate the risks of doing business with our company by giving every client a no questions asked, hassle-free, iron-clad GUARANTEE - clients must get a 100% Return on their Investment when they use our programs otherwise they get their money back!

Rigorously incorporate “value”, “quality”, “growth” and “competence” when designing, delivering and manage the client’s program.

Track, measure and supervise our client’s progress to reinforce the learning, practice and mastery of critical skills, attitudes and behaviors for success.

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