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From: Bill Thomas

To: The Great "Leader-within" You:

Effective leadership is needed!

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to higher performance levels?

Are you tired of facing tough challenges and getting little or no help from weak training programs?

Would having your very own personalized, high-impact, long-term leadership development program be of interest to you?

One more thing.

Do you want to be a persuasive, confident, truly effective leader?

Great leadership skills boost effectiveness, increase value and deliver breakthroughs - the Leadership-Toolkit promises you these 5 major pay-offs:

  1. Develops you into a focused, influential, innovative visionary
  2. Empowers you to educate, nurture or inspire others and yourself
  3. Shows you how to forge synergies, resolve conflicts and discover growth opportunities
  4. Expands your critical/systems thinking, value-analysis and strategic planning skills
  5. Energizes your flexibility, creativity and ability to consistently produce high-quality results

Give Your Leadership Skills 20 minutes a day and We'll Transform You into a Creative, Inspirational Genius!

    You'll use our world-class, proven, risk-free "learning success system" that always gets positive results
    You'll improve your "activity-knowledge" through our unique blended, active performance enhancing technology
    You'll learn how to sustain a positive mental attitude and when to modify your behavior to consistently attain high performance levels
    You'll practice and master how to inspire any group of people to work together in a productive spirit of harmony
    You'll rapidly generate creative new solutions to any challenge using our "Empowered Envisioning"[TM] methodology, process and formula

Great Leadership Styles help you achieve powerful results - the Leadership-Toolkit thoroughly explores:

  • Using dynamic leadership styles to forge long-lasting relationships with your clients, partners and associates
  • How-to assess and improve the sharing and brokering of your power
  • Methods to evaluate and effectively reveal realistic project timelines and critical issues
  • Broadening and strengthening your scope-of-influence within your professional internal and external networks
  • Transformational agendas that will help your group produce value, quality and growth
  • Strategies that enhance the creativity of your team

Great leaders are also great learners - the Leadership-Toolkit helps you learn how-to:

    Teach, educate and develop your people to be competent problem-solvers
    Coach, counsel and mentor your followers to work-through and manage their difficult challenges
    Nurture and expand the "intellectual capital" of all your human resources
    Develop and strengthen your 'emotional intelligence' and social capital
    Turn your knowledge into potent sources of new ideas and opportunities

Great leaders communicate their vision by adopting series of constructive, empowering roles - the Leadership-Toolkit enables you to:

  • Integrate and blend key players together that create the "symphonic" effect within any group
  • Forge team strengths into a synergistic, cohesive force
  • Incorporate and develop value-producing processes
  • Explain, demonstrate and eloquently dramatize the impacts of decisions and new directions
  • Help people to prepare for and overcome their challenges

Great leaders crystallize focus and transform anxiety into positive attitudes through leadership behaviorial models - the Leadership-Toolkit enhances your ability to:

    Provide superior service to your clients and colleagues
    Fully invest in and leverage your knowledge capital
    Plug into the positive energies of your resources and generate creative solutions
    Sustain high levels of ethical conduct, employee morale and corporate goodwill
    Establish and inspire a harmonious spirit of cooperation in all your relationships with others

Great leaders integrate personal values with organizational ones to produce powerful outcomes - the Leadership-Toolkit completely explains how-to:

  • Spawn and maintain congruency between your people and the "system"
  • Encourage honesty, productive work-ethics and personal integrity
  • Help your followers see the wisdom of living by principle-centered philosophies
  • Create "vivid mission" statements that show people where, why and how to focus their efforts on key priorities
  • Develop a vibrant, nurturing, service-oriented culture within your organization
  • Align the morals and personal values of your team with organizational values that make sense and 'ring-true' to them

Great leaders are "great" because they put-it-all-together - the Leadership-Toolkit helps you to:

    Improve and increase your leadership skills
    Employ your powerful portfolio of leadership styles
    Adopt leadership roles to effectively usher in and manage change
    Use leadership behaviors that sharpens team focus and encourage positive attitudes
    Create leadership strategies for building value and boosting resourcefulness
    Transform leadership traits into transformational corporate values and principle-focused attributes
    Use leadership patterns that maximize your actions, energize your resources and elevate your performance
    Construct leadership agendas which include firm plans for harmonizing partners [suppliers], process-owners [colleagues] and knowledge holders [clients]

Putting it all together

Most training programs and courses try to stuff your head with all kinds of "blue-sky" ideas, "ivory-tower" theories and unproven concepts but most of these are useless when you're trying to deal with your daily challenges, tasks or desires.

You and I know that many so-called "continuing education" courses really stop developing, educating and supporting you after only a few class sessions.

After all, you do have to live in the real world - and you want to be able to use all of the things that you've learned when you face your first, second and even your 100th crisis situation. 

Could you use a truly continuing, long-term, permanent educational program that keeps-on nurturing, coaching and training you over-and-over-again for years?

Now, at last, introducing the Leadership Toolkit - the one and only "learn it-practice it-master it" leadership skills training program you will ever need.

Because you deserve a complete solution for your leadership development and growth - you need a program that is simple-to-use, easy-to-work-with, and stays-with-you-all-the-way.

This unique, web-based, interactive "toolkit" uses concept, strategy and mind maps to guide you through the content-rich, knowledge-focused, action-oriented chapters of diagrams, checklists, flowcharts, presentations and tutorials.

Your Leadership Toolkit comes with our practical Performance Enhancers [TM] added to each section of the toolkit. Your "Enhancer" modules transform your personal plans into tangible, realistic and profitable leadership actions - in a word, these "Enhancers" turn your learning into productive, creative and effective realities.

Performance Enhancers [TM] are based on the principle that you can't do all the things all the times but you can do some of the things some of the times. In brief, when you focus on achieving small wins, you'll see big results over a short time period.

And what else?

Your Leadership Toolkit features free unlimited access to our web-based Leadership Answer Center, which uses live chat room sessions, special feature articles and white papers along with email broadcasts to propel you towards total success.

Energize your growth by joining our monthly Leadership Strategies of the Masters telephone conference calls.

The Leadership Toolkit is designed to be your friend forever. It will be the constant, "well-thumbed" most used resource in your cyber-bookcase.

You will want to consult it, study its lessons and use it whenever you encounter problems or opportunities.

You will have additional advice, counseling, updates and tips from leadership experts, coaches, mentors and tutors, and me, Bill Thomas available to you.

What about the guarantee?

The Leadership Toolkit has our iron-clad, no-nonsense, no-questions asked, no-hassle, no-problem-getting-your-money-back guarantee.

If at anytime during your ownership you feel that the Leadership Toolkit has failed to help you grow into an effective, nurturing and inspirational leader, we will return your money back to you.

Why such a strong guarantee? 

Because you will see benefits as soon as you start putting your new learning to work. Of course, it will take time for you to begin to realize the full potential of this extraordinary toolkit.

However, while there are no quick fixes, we believe that these permanent changes will positively improve your life forever.

What you get

The Leadership Toolkit is filled with hundreds of proven best practices, world-class expertise, and action packed pages that are loaded with all the tools you need for the successful practice of leadership.

In addition, you will get 12 months of FREE gifts

  • "Paragons of Knowledge" metazine [we call it a 'metazine' because it's so much more than a mere ezine];

  • access to our web-based Leadership Answer Center with its -
    - live Chat Room sessions - get hours of online support & expertise every week
    - special feature articles and white papers - strengthen your knowledge base
    - informative email broadcasts - see up-to-the-minute news & info
  • Strategic Meditations for Leaders - to boost your personal motivation, enrich your soul and elevate your spirit

  • Subscription to The Leader's Edge - our special advisory focuses on the very best-in-class resources, tools and services for leaders. 

    If you order now I will include these 3 extra-special bonuses worth $450 during your first 90 days:

    1. Using the Language of Leadership for Public Speaking - 51 ways to make more powerful, impactful, persuasive speeches
    2. 21 Principles for Discovering, Evaluating and Exploiting New Opportunities and Better Solutions - mind, concept and strategy maps of processes, methods and approaches
    3. Self-directed Learning Strategies and Techniques for Executives and Leaders! - a 25 page Report with checklists and flowcharts

    How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Learn, Use, Practice And Master The Secrets Of Legendary Leaders"? - Well Now, It's All Up To You!

    If you want to be that envisioning, creative, flexible leader who exhibits a positive "can-do" mental attitude, who works in a spirit of harmony with others, and who also strives to help people become competent, highly effective resources and quality-focused contributors to the team's success, then The Leadership Toolkit is the right choice for you.

    To celebrate our release of this newly revised version of the "toolkit", we have decided to offer it to you at our special introductory price of just $49.95.

    This is a limited time offer - if you hesitate, you will miss out on this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    Since you have nothing to lose with our "iron-clad" guarantee, your great bonuses, free gifts and low price, why not act right away?

    Become the leader that you always dreamed and knew you could be - it's up to you, so act now and grow rich, today!


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    P.S. The Leadership Toolkit is a set of web-based tools which employ proven training techniques so that you can use the 'toolkit' as your personal treasure chest for continuous growth and enhancement for your leadership training needs.

    Now you have a 'virtual' educational resource to help you ascend from basic to intermediate to advanced to the highest plateau of leadership skills development.

    Previously, leadership skills, strategy or behavioral education involved a costly, slow, and impractical process.

    Now, you can learn, nurture and empower your leadership talents at your own pace - and then practice each concept in your 'real-life' situations, challenges or events, too.

    So, decide now, you have nothing to lose with our "iron-clad" guarantee, your $450 worth of great bonuses, free gifts [valued at $300] and low price of just $49.95.

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