strategic planning - lead your business, marketing, sales, PR, IT/HRD/Training organization or operation, non profits, NGO, government, product strategy

Lead Your Business, Non Profit or Governmental Agency to Stunning Innovations, Marketing, Human
or IT Performances With Effective Strategic Planning

Create, Manage & Empower Real Breakthrough Plans
Using A Quick & Easy Fail-Proof, Results-focused
Process for Group/Team/Board Development of
Value-Energizing, Creativity-Driven
Growth-Enriching Success!

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Get Breakthrough Results!
Inspire your group, management team or leaders to think outside of the box with this brain-brewing, imagination-boosting, creativity-energizing treasure chest of engaging, thought-provoking, proven strategic planning concepts, ideas, principles and techniques.

Strategic Leaders Empower Others!
In order to ensure successful buy-in for their plans, and maximize the involvement of all their associates, leaders need a process for developing plans which generates as many breakthrough ideas as possible.

Use Plans To Energize Your Success!
Effective leaders wisely use these ground-breaking strategic plan creation, plan review and leadership development Manuals to:
  1. Engage employees, volunteers and mission partners as your co-creators, co-conspirators or co-leaders in shaping, implementing or supervising the plan

  2. Encourage and train your associates to develop their innate creativity, communication styles, critical and systems thinking, value engineering, leadership behaviors and attitudes, teamwork and collaboration, mapping and modeling skills and more

  3. Enter into agreements with your stakeholders to hold them accountable for turning the plan into tangible reality, to elicit their commitment to the plan's success, to assure that they too will assume responsibility for their areas of the plan

  4. Expand their commitment to the vision and reinforce its objectives with your people using coaching, mentoring, consultative sessions, progress conferences, focus groups, team reports, performance reviews, reward and recognition ceremonies, etc.

  5. Empower your people to have authority for or take the lead in further defining or refining the strategy, sculpting your vision and mission, and aligning organizational and personal values by:

    • taking process ownership or leadership roles;

    • becoming quality champions or entrepreneurial detectives;

    • creating meeting or event agenda items;

    • participating in goal- or priority-setting;

    • conducting formal consulting or coaching sessions with others
Do you need to pump more energy into your department, team/group, project, marketing campaigns, business expansion plans or organizational growth?

Every page of this 2-Volume Manual helps you describe, define, and explain how to electrify, empower and infuse your organization with energy-producing, client-focused, value-added strategies, assessments, tactics, missions, goals, priorities, partnerships and alliances based upon highly efficient organizational structures, work assignments and streamlined processes.

Included with your purchase of:
"Creating Fail-Proof Plans!"
   You also get

"Instructor's Guide"

Volume-1 contains your lesson plans, presentation and teaching materials for leading, conducting and facilitating your Workshop sessions - it includes all the workshop-related group exercises, worksheets, checklists, exercise instructions, questions, tabular forms and slides - you need to lead and manage any department, project, group of Executives, Board members or your organizational clients as you help them establish and sustain profitable ventures.

It provides you with scripts, talking points and graphical images to encourage your group to develop realistic plans and strategies -- and more importantly -- this Guide enables you to strengthen the confidence, commitment and competence of your people to work together, increase their effectiveness, improve their resourcefulness, enhance their leadership skills and breakthrough their barriers of out-dated thinking to reach-up for new possibilities.
Normally sells for $97

In cases, where you need to lead or facilitate Workshops, you'll need these Tools...  

"Workgroup Handouts"

Volume-2 contains materials for conducting your Workshop sessions - including all the workshop-related group exercises, worksheets, checklists, instructions, tables and answer catalogs - all you need to lead and facilitate your departmental task force, project or Executive teams, Board members or organizational clients towards building a successful enterprise.

The package provides you with reproducible forms that your group can use to answer questions, suggest strategies and provide solutions -- and more importantly -- this Volume guides, trains and empowers your people to collaborate more effectively, increase their creativity, think critically while they search-for and discover entrepreneurial and innovative opportunities. Normally sells for $67

In summary, here's what you get:

Your Two-Volume Set of "Creating and Leading Failure-Proof Strategic Business, Marketing or Management Plans" Manuals come filled with:

  • Results-generating worksheets for analyzing and evaluating client needs and issues, partners, product offerings and value-adding services

  • Knowledge-enriching diagrams and charts that show real-world solutions, system models and market forces at work,

  • Hundreds of mind-expanding, value-adding concepts, fact-finding processes and evaluation techniques

  • Facilitator's/Leader's/Instructor's Guide - your script for conducting and leading the strategic planning process - filled with slides, maps and charts to help you competently engage your team or clients

  • Workgroup Handouts - reproducible forms that your group can use to answer questions, suggest strategies and provide solutions - this Volume trains and empowers your people to collaborate more effectively, increase their creativity, discover innovative opportunities and think critically

  • 60-minute Online Clinic Session for your Facilitators, Leaders and Instructors - this live event fits your schedule and helps you define your roles, perfect your platform skills and enhance your leadership performance when conducting a strategic planning workshop or chairing the plan-review process - for a substantial discount!.

  • Weekly Leadership Power-Tips articles, and optional access to topical discussion forums, chats and teleseminars
If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

Special bonus offer:

Live, 60-minute Clinic [Webinar]: "How-to Turbo-charge Your Planning Outcomes for Growth and Innovation!" [Value = $297] - *** Only $97 A For Limited Time - That's Less Than 50% of Its Actual Value! ***

Free bonus 1:

"Paragons of Knowledge!" - Our popular Ezine of educational articles, essential resources and special discounts with weekly updates [Value = $97]

Free bonus 2:

Bonus Handbook - "Vision-Making Guidelines for Leaders - 125 Strategies for Creating Your Vivid Leadership Vision!" - Your envisioning, planning and organizing skills will soar when you use the checklists and methods provided in this popular, how-to Handbook [Value = $39.95]

Free bonus 3:

Bonus Report - Can you learn how to be more effective? Using Strategy- and Concept-Maps will help you add more value. Take your performance to higher levels using the ideas explained in this report. "Effectiveness Can Be Learned - Strategies and Concepts for Making Your Knowledge Contributions More Effective!" [Value = $39.95]

Free bonus 4:

"The Ultimate Time Analysis, Tracking and Management Toolkit!" - Now You Can Take Control Over Your Allotment of Time! With the tools, techniques and principles packed into this Time Control Toolkit, you'll discover effective ways to prioritize your attention, meet critical deadlines and accomplish your most ambitious objectives - Excellent Resource for Your Entire Team! [Value = $97]

You simply can not lose with our 100%, Results-based,
Ironclad, Money Back GUARANTEE!

strategic planning - lead your business, marketing, sales, PR, IT/HRD/Training organization or operation, non profits, NGO, government, product strategy

I make this simple no-nonsense guarantee - if after applying these ideas, you don't see, taste and feel a significant boost in the energy throughput, usage and output of your group, audience, associates or yourself - I will give your money back immediately with no questions asked.

You don't have to decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't do everything I say and more, if you don't save time, or if your business doesn't improve, or if your efforts don't payoff better, or if you don't discover enough new opportunities and ideas, just let me know and I'll give you every cent of your money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Decide Now To Prepare for Success!
Get Your Strategic Planning Tools Today!

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To your continued success,

Bill Thomas
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Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.
Owners, Publishers & Editors of:

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