In A Newly Released Leadership Training Book
Expert Reveals 301 Ways To Lift Your Leadership Skills!
Are you using the tools of power to improve your leadership skills? Do your leadership skills training courses need more energy? Is your leadership performance bringing down team morale? Are you ready to act, feel, believe and think like a legendary leader?
Despite unprecedented access to a rapidly-expanding body of knowledge, "business and non-profit leaders are finding they still canít locate essential leadership skills training and the fundamental techniques they need to overcome poor, sub-par performance", according to leadership trainer, Bill Thomas.
Leadership performance improvement author, Bill Thomas, has researched the proven methods, strategies, principles and attitudes of legendary leaders to describe the "dynamic drivers" of their success and achievements. His conclusions go beyond conventional platitudes and offer leaders fresh yet invigorating insights into the skills and practices needed to empower and energize their followers.
In his most recently published leadership training book, Thomas explains:
  1. . "How leaders can apply over 301 powerhouse techniques to improve their results
  2. . How to energize, engage and encourage group performance
  3. . How to plan, manage and discover hidden opportunities
  4. . How to abundantly enrich your social networks, partnerships and relationships
  5. . How to precisely increase, fine-tune and sharpen your creativity
  6. . How to leverage and empower your growth potential
  7. . Why the best purpose in leadership is a N.O.B.L.E. one"
Bill Thomas is Managing Principal of Syntopic Intelligence and Senior Vice-President of Mustard Seed Investments, Inc. He consults with clients in over 75 countries on various business, organizational leadership, creativity and technology issues. He also writes and lectures on new models, skills and resources for knowledge work and the Knowledge Economy.
Bill Thomas creates books, manuals, software and handbooks for leadership skills and performance improvement. His articles, ezine, written works and live training programs can be seen at his Leadership Toolkit website. "your leadership tips... have been wonderful and the ideas are rich in substance. Thank you" Dr Ahmed Abdurahman, Educator. Contact Bill Thomas for more on this topic. Direct line: (973) 519-1902 Email: editor at Leadership-Toolkit.Com

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