Management Leadership Skills Church!

Management Leadership Skills Church
Do churches need people with strong management and leadership skills? Most successful people agree that personal and professional development efforts work precisely because they themselves became world-class leaders through using those techniques, tools and resources.

Change management expert, Holger Nauheimer, explains how our dynamically-charged, ever-shifting, global-landscape, calls for a new spirit of leadership skills development, "in which individuals, the members of organizations, experience self-determination and personal growth - and participate in creating a world around them to which they want to belong."

Recently reported results in the Wharton School's Leadership Digest, of a comprehensive study of leadership failures, the following recommendations were given to help promising
leaders avoid potential pitfalls: their findings suggest three primary things learners and their trainers should do - they should,

- "Create development plans and opportunities for promising internal candidates;

- Reflect carefully on their own experiences and, throughout the course of their careers, seek out opportunities to develop their context skills;

- Determine the level of support they'll need from their predecessor, and perform an intense self-assessment to determine what other organizational support they will need"

Experienced firefighter, Lynn Biddison, says the number one priority for new leaders is: "Establish a rigorous training plan for [yourself and] your people"

The last but most important "Power Strategy" I wish to share with you is this -

Be sure to energetically increase the richness, texture, luster, power and scope, depth, capacity, value-added, quality and competences of your skills and knowledge developmental experiences on a daily basis!

Every church needs to improve the leadership skills and management tasks of well trained volunteers - when they do they must find workshops or training programs - that help them grow in these 2 ways:
  • Create a self-directed learning program
  • Follow a program and master those skills

    Church missions need stronger management and leadership skills for their members and staff. These people can use their spare time to more energize their leadership skills through coaching, self-study and formal courses or training programs - the church's future successes will thank you, the leader of your flock, for doing so!