Inventory Leadership Skills!

Inventory Leadership Skills
If your inventory of leadership skills reveals any gaps, you can overcome your weaknesses by delegating your authority to and share your power with someone who has a greater strength, more time or a stronger relationship than
your do.

Your inventory of leadership skills should reflect the substance of your skills, knowledge and connections to others.

In a word, you want to maintain a constant check on your leadership skills inventory of attributes, tendencies and shortfalls.

Your inventory or portfolio of leadership strengths will affect your decisions to embark on certain courses of action, with knowledge of your weaknesses you can defend the threats to your mission by developing alternative plans or assign tasks to other more skilled people.

Once you have determined the state of your strengths, you can use your leadership skills-inventory:

=> To act in innovative or more creative ways;

=> To establish appropriate and effective patterns, structures or solutions;

=> To support and propel the momentum of your leadership power.

So then the questions remain: will you step-up to the challenge, are you willing to awaken the great leader that slumbers inside you?

If so, you can be "made" into a leader of great promise. There are leadership skills inventory assessment tools, training courses, workshops and programs available to all sizes of budget and ambition.

I believe you were born to bless the world with your God-given greatness. Please don't deny us the energy of your unique, meaningful and worthy contributions.

Every knowledge worker needs to evaluate and develop the inventory of their own leadership skills - using workshops or training programs - they can do so these 2 ways:
  • Create a self-directed learning program
  • Follow a program and master those skills

    Improving your personal inventory of leadership and management skills is a daily activity - use your spare time to build or boost your leadership skills inventory through coaching, self-study and formal training programs - your future prospects will thank you for doing so!