Examples Leadership Skills!

Examples Leadership Skills
Skillful leaders provide examples of excellence - look at how they sense the truths of energy, they use it to facilitate, enable, empower or enlighten their people.

They use the energy of examples or narratives to train or educate people and develop their commitment, self-actualization and abilities even further.

There are 3 examples of leadership skills at work:

=> Enable or empower people [physical & develop]

=> Enlighten or educate people [intellect or inspire]

=> Energize or elevate people [inspire or develop]

We know there are abundant examples of leadership skills around - look at leaders like Jack Welch, Tom Peters, Gandhi, George Washington and Jesus Christ have understood these fundamental principles - think of the substantial legacies
left by those leaders, look at how they helped to
accelerate the pace and light the way towards change and progress for their followers.

Every knowledge worker needs to find and follow or model the examples of great leadership skills using workshops or training programs - they can do so in these 2 ways:
  • Create a self-directed learning program
  • Follow a program and master those skills

    The powerful examples of leadership skills and management skills will help you use your spare time to energize your leadership skills through coaching, self-study and formal courses or training programs - your friends and famility will thank you for doing so!