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Need An ULTRA-Boost?
Plug leadership skills training development courses programs workshops seminars for business, non-profits professionals managers and knowledge workers Yourself In
Energize Your Performance!

Your Leadership-UltraNet! Is The Performance Empowerment System That Shows You How-To Think-like, Believe-like, Act-like, Behave-like & Manage-like a Confident, Persuasive, Creative, Highly Effective Leader, Each and Every Day!

I Invite You To Read, Study & Learn How This ULTRA-HUGE, ULTRA-SUPPORTED, ULTRA-AFFORDABLE Educational System Reveals 5001-Plus Proven Methods, Shows How-to Effectively Enhance Your Leadership Skills, Creatively Solve Your Problems, Instantly Generate Value-added Solutions, Elegantly Manage Your Changing Priorities, Professionally Overcome Your Challenges, Swiftly Develop Visionary Strategies and New Plans, Brilliantly Uncover Exciting Opportunities As You Lead, Inspire & Skyrocket Bottom-line Results!

When you purchase your Leadership-UltraNet! Gold or Silver membership, you get a no questions asked, no quibbles, no hassle, no "let me keep on bugging you", 30-day Better-Than-Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you don't wish to keep your Leadership-UltraNet! Membership, just email me anytime within ONE FULL MONTH, and I'll refund every penny you've paid.

"By using our comprehensive "easy-to-use", step-by-step, interactive learning program, you're Guaranteed to experience measurable, tangible AND financial improvements in your leadership performance by the end of 30 days or we'll refund ALL the price of your subscription! "

To: Every-Leader-Who-Craves-ULTRA-Solutions!
From: Bill Thomas

Our story begins with the same things that start all other tales - a need, a hope and a positive decision to act.

We aspire to believe, to be and to act as the great American President, statesman and scholar, Woodrow Wilson, once described greatness:

    "You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand."
During the last few months, we've been offering people like you a solution-in-a-box.

However, we knew that the best option for those brave, intrepid souls grappling with their challenging leadership adventure called for an
    "extreme" journey into the extraordinary and ultra-powerful regions, a higher place that transcends and goes far beyond the limits of all the other programs!
People like you definitely expressed a clearly defined "NEED". So what could our new program help you to pin your hopes on?

Well, it came to us in a dream of MAGNIFICENT proportions and yet it was sooo simple, that we smiled at its very simplicity!

Instead of repairing our leadership development program, we ardently desired to do the exact opposite thing - to create a BRAND-NEW program!

Why not put EVERYTHING into our program? Without a doubt you get a ULTRA-HUGE Program!

We hoped that people like you would appreciate a COMPREHENSIVE course.

We trusted that you would only be satisfied with a TOTAL package of leadership training solutions.

We believed that you would demand ALL the bells-and-whistles. You'll find them here in your ULTRA-SUPPORTED program with training, tutoring, coaching, mentoring and follow-ups and much more!

We knew you craved these features and demanded them all at an ULTRA-AFFORDABLE price.

So, we let our unquestioning faith propel us into proactive, positively powerful actions and came up with the World's best, most complete and ULTRA-SPECTACULAR leadership educational program - we call it...

See How Leadership-UltraNet! - Builds, Energizes & Sustains Your Growth!

How would you inexpensively, quickly and painlessly:

  • Elevate your leadership performance to higher levels of competence, mastery and prominence?

  • Handle your toughest challenges without the personal, active, "live" support of your Instructors, Mentors & Coaches?

  • Find, trust and own a long-term, high-impact, low-cost yet reliable way to energize your leadership skills?
If you are had trouble answering those questions, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

This web-based, downloadable, content-rich Leadership-UltraNet! also gives you more than 8 hours of weekly "Live" in-depth, personalized consultations with me, your friendly Editor & Author, along with subject matter experts and other successful leaders.

The Leadership-UltraNet! is designed to expand your effectiveness, empower your creativity and enhance your ability to consistently produce high-quality results in ALL your endeavors!

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons why we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: Millions of managers, professionals and specialists from every part of the world use the proven processes, concepts and methods featured in this program to become more focused, influential, and innovative visionary leaders.

Reason two: For 30 years, in 75 nations with colleagues, partners and friends, I have helped empower people like you to successfully educate, nurture and inspire themselves and others towards achieving their goals.

Reason three: My closest associates and I personally apply these time-tested strategies to forge synergies, resolve conflicts and discover new growth opportunities in our businesses, non-profit and spiritual enterprises, everyday.

What are 7 Great Reasons to Believe in the Power of Your UltraNet! Program?
Want to Know What They Are? - Click HERE Now

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

You'll thoroughly understand, practice & master each lesson at your own pace!

Our world-class, quality-focused, risk-free programs are built to enhance your learning, proficiency and know-how because each module is based on the core principles of W. Clement Stone's "Success-system that NEVER fails"

Improves your leadership "activity-knowledge" in real-life situations!

Use our uniquely blended, active performance enhancing methods, materials and technology to track your progress and help you apply your newly acquired knowledge in practical ways

You'll maintain a positive mental attitude and change or modify your behavior to achieve better results!

We'll help you develop a hope, desire and belief in yourself through our one-of-a-kind system of counseling, coaching, mentoring and consulting support

Discover Why Your UltraNet! Delivers Outstanding Results!

Inspire any group of people to work together in a productive spirit of harmony!

Web-based workshops, 30-day email tutorials and weekly in-service follow-up sessions enable you to learn how to profile, evaluate and understand your group's personalities, attitudes and behaviors

Rapidly generate creative new solutions to any challenge, problem or opportunity!

You'll master the exclusive techniques, process and concepts of our proprietary, exciting, evolutionary "Empowered Envisioning" [TM] formula

Forge truly profitable relationships with your clients, partners and associates!

Using the right leadership style to fit the situation or person is a crucial requirement for successful leadership - you'll explore all the major leadership styles and practice and then master each one

Improve the building, sharing and brokering of your power!

Knowing how your leadership power works is the key to brokering it. You'll learn ways to leverage your resources along with methods to empower the time, talents and abilities of your people - you'll gain vital knowledge on how to assess, deploy and increase your power

Develop realistic project timelines and expertly craft contingencies for all your demanding priorities!

We'll show you effective methods for evaluating your options and using value-engineering to develop elegant solutions for the thorny challenges facing you everyday

Extend and strengthen your scope-of-influence within your profession and your organizational networks!

Influence and persuasion are the essential tools of a leader - you'll acquire proven methods for networking and exercising your influence with EVERYONE you encounter

Empower your people to produce value, quality and growth!

Transformational and inspirational agendas enable leaders to motivate, educate and encourage their followers to achieve outstanding results - your Leadership-UltraNet! gives you "insider" know-how for creating, implementing and controlling these strategic agendas

See How the Features & Services of Your UltraNet! Boosts Bottom-line Results!

Energize your group's creativity and entrepreneurship!

Without the competitively priced, easy-to-use, convenience of your Leadership-UltraNet! - how do you ever hope to tap into the creative essence and entrepreneurial potential of your group? Simply use the maps, blueprints and checklists provided in your Leadership-UltraNet!

Teach, educate and develop your people to be competent problem-solvers!

The Leadership-UltraNet! contains fully documented processes for identifying, analyzing and resolving problems - use your 'flowchart' and process maps to train your team

Coach, counsel and mentor your followers to work-through and manage their difficult challenges!

Leaders are coaches and counselors - your Leadership-UltraNet! prepares you for performing like a professional-grade coach, mentor, consultant and counselor

Nurture and leverage the "intellectual capital" of your human resources!

The people behind your Leadership-UltraNet! are "Human-Empowerment Capitalists" by training - we will help you to optimize the knowledge assets, resources and value of your people using our proprietary management system

Strengthen your 'emotional intelligence' and your own social capital!

Applying the principles of emotional intelligence and increasing the value of your social capital are the primary requirements for all leaders - use your special tutorials, ezine articles and Instructor-supervised Discussions to build-on your strengths

Transform your knowledge into potent sources of new ideas and opportunities!

Leaders are excellent learners - our self-directed learning strategy map and techniques will empower your ability to learn anything and learn it well

Forge your team's strengths into a synergistic, cohesive force!

Create the 'symphonic' effects of synergy in your team - turn them into a group that is greater than the sum of its individual parts using the principles of synergetically-oriented leadership communications

It's No Accident The UltraNet! Empowers Your Growth! - See How - Click HERE

Explain, demonstrate and eloquently dramatize the impacts of decisions and new directions!

The language of leadership will give you the mode and methods to effectively communicate your beliefs, meanings and feelings to others

Help your people prepare-/organize-for and overcome their challenges!

Great leaders share their vision with others by adopting a series of constructive, empowering roles - your Leadership-UltraNet! enables you to help your people prepare for and perform well in difficult situations

Exhibit high levels of ethical conduct, maintain employee morale and sustain corporate goodwill!

Crystallize the focus and transform the hidden anxiety of your people into positive attitudes when you demonstrate confidence-building models of leadership behaviors - the Leadership-UltraNet! enhances your ability to do this

Provide superior service to your clients, partners and colleagues!

Learn how to apply customer service and value-added quality precepts in your daily relations, transactions and interactions

Now, you're probably wondering how we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

The Leadership-UltraNet! is a uniquely powerful product. Your UltraNet! is designed to last you a lifetime - with this one product, you will always be learning, growing and succeeding!

Although we call your UltraNet! a leadership development program, it really means
  • Your UltraNet! comes jam-packed with heaps and loads of personal services, essential facilities and state-of-the-art capabilities

  • Your UltraNet! contains tons and truckloads of 'downloadable' amazing tools, beneficial resources and serious educational materials

  • Your Leadership-UltraNet! is literally stuffed-full of proven formulas, reliable blueprints and revealing roadmaps to energize, ramp-up and catapult your leadership to new performance levels everyday!
Experts say: "Use Proven Best-in-Class Resources, Tools & Services To Succeed!"

Even though your UltraNet! is Web-based, it really means

  • Your UltraNet! can grow, be added-onto and evolve without the need for shipments of new hardware or software

  • You always have lightning-quick access to your UltraNet! without having to wait for the arrival of packages through 'snail-mail' [postal mail].

  • Your Leadership-UltraNet! reduces your costs of education, super-charges your training investment returns and guarantees your satisfaction with its shockingly low prices!

All you have to do is point your web-browser directly to the UltraNet! and begin your leadership adventure.

In your UltraNet!, there are hundreds of mini-workshops, expository papers, flowcharts and tables, tutorials, slide shows, and concept-/mind-/strategy-maps.

So far, we've piled-on over 5001 tips, advice, wisdom, secrets and lessons inside your Leadership-UltraNet!. And the UltraNet! is still growing and evolving - we add substantial amounts of new information and proven knowledge to your UltraNet! every month.

We support your leadership development with 'live' consultations and discussions with your UltraNet! author [that's me, Bill Thomas] and with guest experts who are experienced leaders.

Each week, you can tell me about your challenges and together, we'll find solutions, strategies or tactics.

Every week, there are 4-8 hours when I am personally available to you, to Chat with you and to help you. You can also post your questions or comments in the private Instructor-supervised Discussion Forums.

You have the opportunity to enroll in special 60-minute Webinars and Web-Conferences - where you can go on the "Leader's Journey of Self-Discovery" or learn how to "Add Substantial Value to All Your Leadership Contributions" - Read our Catalog!

Your Leadership-UltraNet! solves your needs to empower your skills, produce profits, and enhance your leadership qualities - it truly contains "All the Tools You Need to Lead and Succeed"!

Experts say: "You Need Best-in-Class Resources, Tools & Services To Succeed!"

Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what our customers say.

  • Fmr. Chairman - NJ Chapter of American Society of Training and Development - "Your methods and techniques would work in most organizations, truly effective and revolutionary"

  • President - Industrial Buildings Construction Company -
    "Your program gave our management team 10 times the results for less than half the price of other training companies."

  • GE Systems - Design Manager -
    "Your custom-tailored, innovative approach to training along with the superior materials you provided, gave us exactly what we needed."

  • MCI-Worldcom Engineers -
    "The workshops and training manuals helped us to successfully launch and manage our entire network support service rollout with minimal disruptions."

  • Director of Training - International Association of Engineering Professionals - "An impressive series of results were achieved through your innovative solutions and professional workshop leaders. Thanks for making me look good for choosing your company."


Warning: Do NOT buy any leadership training program -
unless it meets the following 7 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 7 crucial items that you absolutely, undeniably and positively must have in any leadership training solution you obtain:

1: Your training supplier MUST give you a risk-free, iron-clad, performance-based guarantee - you should always know how confident your training providers are about their ability to help improve your leadership skills.

2: Your course materials should always be presented to you using different modes or media types, such as, Visual [diagrams, papers, slides], Kinesthetic [forms, exercises, interactive maps] and Aural [recordings, lectures, music]. Your lessons must empower you to learn new subjects using the "spaced repetition" method - an exposure to the same message for a few minutes every other day will boost your understanding in a shorter period of time.

3: Your training program has totally prepared you only when you understand and know your weaknesses. That's the best way to ensure that your growth plans, educational goals and tangible results will meet the challenges of your unique situation. You may need to track and evaluate your progress [with real numbers and facts, you get to "see", "feel" and "experience" your small wins!]

4: Your educational experience must give you opportunities to play, work or experiment with the concepts, principles and procedures of leadership. That way, you can practice, refine and master your newly-acquired skills.

5: Your growth and development needs a focused, disciplined program of follow-up support - you need to be supported by Coaches and Mentors for at least 1-2 hours every week [your Leadership-UltraNet! gives you up to 8 hours of weekly follow-up 'coaching and mentoring' time].

6: You are a unique, one-of-a-kind individual, aren't you? Your Instructors, Coaches and Mentors should help you organize personal action plans, establish learning objectives, chart your progression towards goals. enable you to avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks along your journey, comment on how well you are doing and help influence what is happening to your growth on a week-by-week basis [Your Leadership-UltraNet! gives you ALL that unique kind of personal attention everyday!].

7: Your training program must allow you to spend extra time on your toughest demands, you must be able to invest in and pay close attention to your most productive opportunities. Because of real-life challenges, you deserve a flexible, adaptable and profitable series of educational experiences - you need your very own personal Leadership-UltraNet!.

Be Wise: "Leaders Use Best Practices, Resources, Tools & Services To Succeed!"
You get at least 50 times your money's worth!

You and I know that many so-called "continuing education" courses really stop developing, educating and supporting you right after you complete your class sessions.

After all, you do have to live in the real world - and you want to be able to use all of the things that you've learned when you face your first, second and even your 100th crisis situation.

You probably could you use a reliable, continuing, long-term, permanent educational program that keeps-on nurturing, coaching and training you over-and-over-again for years.

Because you deserve a complete solution for your leadership development and growth - you need a program that is simple-to-use, easy-to-work-with, and stays-with-you-all-the-way.

This unique, web-based, interactive "UltraNet" uses concept, strategy and mind maps to guide you through the hundreds of content-rich, knowledge-focused, action-oriented chapters of diagrams, checklists, flowcharts, presentations and tutorials.

The Leadership-UltraNet! literally contains over 5001 proven strategies, techniques and processes, I personally devote 8 full hours every week to your development with our consultation service and this program gives you additional support through our special month-long tutorials - normally, I would be forced to conduct classes with a minimum number of attendees, who would have to commit to six months or longer and I would charge over $7500 per person for that six-month program.

But thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and the Internet and all the latest features of Web-based technologies and tele-communications services, we can now offer substantial reductions in our prices.

You will be able to save on our travel-related costs, and eliminate the costs of an exclusively dedicated professional sitting in your home or office. Plus, there is no need to require a minimum number of students for this truly self-directed, "life-long", highly-active, blended-learning program.

In summary, here's what you get:

The Leadership-UltraNet! is filled with thousands of proven best practices, world-class expertise, and action packed pages that are loaded with ALL the support, training and tools you need for the successful practice of leadership.

In short, your Leadership-UltraNet! provides ALL these enriching, empowering, enhancing services, programs, products and FREE gifts which have a total yearly value in excess of $20000!

  • "The Leadership-Toolkit" - our private-access, secure web-site that is filled with 1000s of tools, tutorials and tips [you can use this "Toolkit" to craft unique solutions, sharpen your leadership skills and learn the secret wisdom of legendary leaders];
    • Tutorials explain the concepts, principles and processes of leadership used by the best-in-class stars in commerce, new ventures and the public sectors

    • Tools for performing the important tasks of planning, setting strategy, envisioning, developing agenda items, analyzing behaviors, journaling attitudes, constructing roles and mapping styles - more and more tools are being added to the your toolkit on a regular basis

    • Tips from outstanding leaders using their biographies, quotes, sayings, examples with new additional tips regularly appearing on the horizon
    [Annual Value = $2500]
  • Your "Performance Empowerment Resource Center [PERC]" - you will call the PERC, your "never-ending-power-supply-station"! It's the place where your get all of the skills, knowledge, and information necessary to be a highly successful leader. Your "Performance Empowerment Resource Center [PERC]" guides, nurtures and empowers you through 3 crucial stages of your leadership development program [as suggested by leading training experts, like the A.S.T.D., US-DoL, INSEAD, MIT and many others]:
    1. Competency Development: You will get all of the skills, knowledge, and information that you need to grow and succeed - using your own private
      • Configurable knowledge database,
      • Online Leaders' Resource Library,
      • One-on-one instruction and tutoring sessions,
      • Personal Learning and Action plans
      • Web-based training Workshops and Courses.

    2. Competency Maintenance: We help you maintain your competence once you have it - You'll join in "Communities of Practice" to ask questions of peers from different backgrounds and share your experiences about
      • Career path options and objectives,
      • Key learning strategies, materials and resources,
      • Effective work tools and business processes,
      • Networking tips and Templates for building alliances
      • Personal and Professional Reading lists

      We proactively support your progress through training approaches such as Web-based learning, self-paced mini-courses, email updates and Audios/Videos

    3. Rigorous Follow-ups: Your growth as a leader is assured through our Web-based Coaches, Mentors, Instructors, technologies & tools
      We support you in your quest for leadership development because our structured follow-up program helps you
      • Identify and set realistic expectations,
      • Clarify your needs, pay-offs and benefits,
      • Establish learning-program milestones,
      • Track and measure progress on a regular basis
      • Recognize potential pitfalls or set-backs to your growth plans

      With these series of metrics, reviews and consultations, you are much more likely to achieve your goals, complete your tasks & meet your deadlines
    [Annual Value = $7500]
  • Access to our web-based Situation Support Center with its -
    • 8 hours of weekly "live" Chat room sessions with guest experts, UltraNet Associates & your friendly UltraNet author [that's me!]

    • 7 Instructor-led, leadership-specific, engaging Discussion Forums

    • eBooks, special feature articles and white papers for leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and managers

    • Resource advisory service - to address your entrepreneurial, organizational and educational challenges

    • Timely, informative news, email broadcasts, bulletins & tutorials
    [Annual Value = $2500]
  • Subscription to "The Leader's Edge" - our monthly newsletter focuses on the very best-in-class solutions, resources, tools and services for leaders and is delivered directly to your private Inbox.
    [Annual Value = $750]
  • "Paragons of Knowledge" metazine [we call it a 'metazine' because it's so much more than a mere ezine]:
    • Special features section loaded with tips and timely advice addressing the challenges, issues and solutions of our 24-hour-a-day, global, knowledge-based economy, from reputable world-class business, entrepreneurial & social leaders

    • Articles and interviews with executive, professional and life coaches, mentors and subject matter experts

    • In-depth evaluations of creative thinking, knowledge-work skills and critical management processes
    [Annual Value = $750]
  • Pick up Your "UltraNet Goodies!" - our monthly Specials, Sales and FREE Give-Aways - great bargins and gifts of software, books, reports, educational courses and services, self-help and professional development information products and tools - these Goodies are a small gesture of thanks for your continued membership and as such constitutes our token of appreciation for your business.
    [Annual Value = $1500]
  • Your "Electrified Cabin" - our secure Intranet is your very own personal online office, workstation and work-space - it's fully equipped with all the tools, services and features that you need to organize your work, collect your thoughts and connect with your world;
    • Organize your life!
      • Use our Document Manager to
        • Store and arrange your files, folders and directories in an orderly manner
        • Share your written, audio and visual content with others,
        • Automatically scan and clean all and any infected files when you upload or download them!
        Use the Online Calendar to manage your appointments, meetings and events
        • Keep track of your one-time or recurring commitments
        • Synchronize your Calendar with your Palm® devices or Outlook® programs
        • Set-up Time Zones and view your Calendar from anywhere in the world
        Use our Task Manager to
        • Plan and manage your personal action items
        • Monitor and supervise the progress of tasks that are delegated to others
        • Synchronize your assigned or delegated Tasks with your Palm® devices or Outlook® programs
        Use your Database Manager to
        • Organize, store and share your critical information
        • Create your databases by using one of our many easy-to-use Templates
        • Quickly sort, group and filter your data to produce reports for further analysis

    • Collect Your Thoughts!
      • Use our powerful Search Tools to find knowledge, wisdom and advice contained within our
        • Online Library materials and extensive Library services,
        • Collections of Mind-, Concept- and Strategy-Maps,
        • Galleria of Software, Information Products, Papers, Toolkits, and Educational Services
        Discuss your challenges, concerns and problems with your peers, associates and suppliers
        • Using our internal, secure discussion areas
        • Through your personal private email messaging system
        • Quickly and cost-effectively use our Web- and Audio-Conferencing service
        Take advantage of our affiliations with idea-processing, creativity-enhancement and innovation-generating tools, programs and systems

    • Connect With Your World!
      • Our outstanding email program offers much more than privacy, security and flexibility:
        • A personalized, private and fully web-based email address
        • Ability to pick-up messages from or automatically forward them to your other email boxes and receive or send HTML messages,
        • Synchronize your email box with your handheld or other email program
        Quickly and easily set-up, run and participate in Web-based or Audio Conferences [or both at the same time]
        • Share your text, presentation, animated documents, desktop tools or programs with your colleagues, vendors and clients
        • You can present pre-loaded presentations, annotate charts, and interact with your audience using whiteboards, Q&A, chat and polling tools
        • Your security features include conference lock, roll call, and conference passcodes
        • You get full conference reporting capabilities and participant evaluation results

    [Annual Value = $4500]
    [Palm and Microsoft Outlook are Registered Trademarks of their respective Owners]

    And when you order now I will include 3 extra-special bonuses worth $450:

    1. "Using the Language of Leadership for Public Speaking" - 51 ways to make more powerful, have greater impact, persuasive speeches - Month 3

    2. "21 Principles for discovering, evaluating and exploiting New Opportunities and Better Solutions" - mind, concept and strategy maps of processes, methods and approaches - Month 6

    3. "Self-directed Learning Strategies and Techniques for Executives and Leaders!" - a 25 page Report with maps, checklists and flowcharts - Month 9

    If you respond right away, you pay only $97 $9.95 for SILVER Membership or $19.95 for your GOLD Membership - GOLD Members pay $9.95 for 60-minute Courses, SILVER Members pay $29.95 for 60-minute Courses!.

    Act immediately and receive the following bonuses

    Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

    Special Feature 1:

    Full access to our web-based Leadership Answer Center with its weekly consultations, Instructor-led discussions and Library of papers, articles and mini-tutorials!

    Special Feature 2:

    The Compleat Leadership-Toolkit - your online, self-paced, interactive training program with 1000s of web-based tutorials, lessons, treatises, expositions, maps and diagrams,

    Special Feature 3:

    Your subscriptions to Paragons of Knowledge!, The Leader's Edge and Your UltraNet Goodies! - to keep you up-to-date and fully informed on the very best-in-class resources, tools and services for leaders of the global Knowledge Economy!

    Special Bonus 4:

    When, Why and How to Boost Your Effectiveness - 10 strategic practices that will improve, energize and enhance the spirit and substance of your contributions as a leader, knowledge-worker and resource-leverager!

    Special Bonus 5:

    21 Principles for discovering, evaluating and exploiting New Opportunities and Better Solutions - includes examples using mind, concept and strategy maps of processes, methods and approaches for strengthening your Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship!

    Special Bonus 6:

    The Leader's Guide to building, inspiring and reinforcing the confidence, morale and self-reliance of your team, organization and yourself - includes a dynamic mind-map of formulas, checklists and principles!

    Special Bonus 7:

    125+ Vision-building Strategies - describes the concepts, core values, practices required to create vivid, strong, adaptive and persuasive statements of your vision!

    You can't lose with our Ironclad,
    NO-Questions Performance-based Improvements
    TOTAL-your Money-back GUARANTEE

    By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money back guarantee:

    The Leadership-UltraNet! has our iron-clad, no-nonsense, no-questions asked, no-hassle, no-problem-getting-your-money-back guarantee.

    If you feel that your membership in the Leadership-UltraNet! has failed to help your leadership performance improve by measurable, tangible AND financial ways, we will refund ALL - that's ALL - the price of your subscription!

    Why such a strong guarantee?

    Because you will see benefits as soon as you start putting your new learning to work. Of course, it will take time for you to begin to realize the full potential of this extraordinary UltraNet.

    However, while there are no quick fixes, we believe that these permanent changes will positively improve your life forever.

    You don't have to decide now if the Leadership-UltraNet! is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't do everything I say and more, if you don't save money, or if your career and business prospects don't improve, or if your life isn't better, or if you don't absolutely love it, just let me know and I'll give you every cent of your month's subscription money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Here's The Price And What You Receive:

    Just click the link below and you'll get instant access to the "Leadership-UltraNet!" for only $9.95 or $19.95 a month - GOLD Members pay $19.95 for 60-minute Courses, SILVER Members pay $39.95 for 60-minute Courses!

    What you receive for your money is instant access to our web based training program, your "Electrified Cabin", the "Answer Center" and Support Center, your "Paragons" and "Leaders' Edge" subscriptions, plus the downloadable documents.

    This online program is completely compatible for Windows, Linux and Mac users. After ordering you are given a unique access username and password so you can login and start using your Leadership-UltraNet! right away. If you decide in the future that you don't want to use the program anymore, it's easy to cancel it.

    Get Instant Access To The Leadership-UltraNet!

    It's easy to order the Leadership-UltraNet! Training and Development Program. Just click the link below to enter your details. Once your order is processed you'll get instant access to the online UltraNet! and begin developing your leadership skills in minutes! Our secure server accepts all major credit cards.

    Here's how to order right now!


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    To your success,

    Bill Thomas
    Publisher & Editor - Leadership-UltraNet!
    Managing Principal - Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.

    P. S. The Leadership-UltraNet! is a set of web-based tools which employ proven training techniques so that you can use the Leadership-UltraNet! as your personal treasure chest for continuous growth and enhancement for your leadership training needs.
    Now you have a virtual educational resource to help you ascend from basic to intermediate to advanced to the highest plateau of leadership skills development.

    Previously, leadership skills, strategy or behavioral education involved a costly, slow, and impractical process.

    Now, you can learn, nurture and empower your leadership talents at your own pace - and then practice each concept in your 'real-life' situations, challenges or events, too.

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