Leadership-UltraNet! - leadership skills training and development coaching for executives, management professionals seminars, courses, workshops and programs
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Leadership-UltraNet! - leadership skills training & development executive, management seminars, courses, workshops & programs

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$197 monthly includes

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Leadership Toolkit

  • "The Leadership-Toolkit" - our University-grade 'course-in-a-box' that is filled with 1000s of tools, tutorials and tips [you can use this "Toolkit" to craft unique solutions, sharpen your leadership skills and learn the secret wisdom of legendary leaders];
    • Tutorials explain the concepts, principles and processes of leadership used by the best-in-class stars in commerce, new ventures and the public sectors

    • Tools for performing the important tasks of planning, setting strategy, envisioning, developing agenda items, analyzing behaviors, journaling attitudes, constructing roles and mapping styles - more and more tools are being added to the your toolkit on a regular basis

    • Tips from outstanding leaders using their biographies, quotes, sayings, examples with new additional tips regularly appearing on the horizon and being updated
    [Annual Value = $2500]

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    Performance Empowerment Resource Center (PERC)

  • Your "Performance Empowerment Resource Center [PERC]" - you will call the PERC, your "never-ending-power-supply-station"! It's the place where your get all of the skills, knowledge, and information necessary to be a highly successful leader. Your "Performance Empowerment Resource Center [PERC]" guides, nurtures and empowers you through 3 crucial stages of your leadership development program [as suggested by leading training experts, like the A.S.T.D., US-DoL, INSEAD, MIT and many others]:
    1. Competency Development: You will get all of the skills, knowledge, and information that you need to grow and succeed - using your own private
      • Configurable knowledge database,
      • Online Leaders' Resource Library,
      • One-on-one instruction and tutoring sessions,
      • Personal Learning and Action plans
      • Web-based training Workshops and Courses.

    2. Competency Maintenance: We help you maintain your competence once you have it - You'll join in "Communities of Practice" to ask questions of peers from different backgrounds and share your experiences about
      • Career path options and objectives,
      • Key learning strategies, materials and resources,
      • Effective work tools and business processes,
      • Networking tips and Templates for building alliances
      • Personal and Professional Reading lists

      We proactively support your progress through training approaches such as Web-based learning, self-paced mini-courses, email updates and Audios/Videos

    3. Rigorous Follow-ups: Your growth as a leader is assured through our Web-based Coaches, Mentors, Instructors, technologies & tools
      We support you in your quest for leadership development because our structured follow-up program helps you
      • Identify and set realistic expectations,
      • Clarify your needs, pay-offs and benefits,
      • Establish learning-program milestones,
      • Track and measure progress on a regular basis
      • Recognize potential pitfalls or set-backs to your growth plans

      With these series of metrics, reviews and consultations, you are much more likely to achieve your goals, complete your tasks & meet your deadlines
    [Annual Value = $7500]

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    Situation Support Center

  • Access to our Situation Support Center with its -
    • 8 hours of weekly "live" Chat room sessions with guest experts, UltraNet Associates & your friendly UltraNet publisher!

    • 7 Instructor-led, leadership-specific, engaging Discussion Forums

    • eBooks, special feature articles and white papers for leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and managers

    • Resource advisory service - to address your entrepreneurial, organizational and educational challenges

    • Timely, informative news, email broadcasts, bulletins & tutorials
    [Annual Value = $2500]

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    Leader's Edge

  • Subscription to "The Leader's Edge" - our monthly newsletter focuses on the very best-in-class solutions, resources, tools and services for leaders and is delivered directly to your private Inbox.
    [Annual Value = $750]

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    Paragons of Knowledge

  • "Paragons of Knowledge" metazine [we call it a 'metazine' because it's so much more than a mere ezine]:

    Paragons features more than 70 full-length articles every month!:
    • Special features section loaded with tips and timely advice addressing the challenges, issues and solutions of our 24-hour-a-day, global, knowledge-based economy, from reputable world-class business, entrepreneurial & social leaders

    • Articles and interviews with executive, professional and life coaches, mentors and subject matter experts

    • In-depth evaluations of creative thinking, knowledge-work skills and critical management processes
    [Annual Value = $750]

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    UltraNet! Goodies Package

  • Pick up Your "UltraNet Goodies!" - our monthly Specials, Sales and FREE Give-Aways - great bargins and gifts of software, books, reports, educational courses and services, self-help and professional development information products and tools - these Goodies are a small gesture of thanks for your continued membership and as such constitutes our token of appreciation for your business.
    [Annual Value = $1500]

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    Your "Electrified Cabin"

  • Your "Electrified Cabin" - our secure Intranet is your very own personal online office, workstation and work-space - it's fully equipped with all the tools, services and features that you need to organize your work, collect your thoughts and connect with your world;
    • Organize your life!
      • Use our Document Manager to
        • Store and arrange your files, folders and directories in an orderly manner
        • Share your written, audio and visual content with others,
        • Automatically scan and clean all and any infected files when you upload or download them!
        Use the Online Calendar to manage your appointments, meetings and events
        • Keep track of your one-time or recurring commitments
        • Synchronize your Calendar with your Palm® devices or Outlook® programs
        • Set-up Time Zones and view your Calendar from anywhere in the world
        Use our Task Manager to
        • Plan and manage your personal action items
        • Monitor and supervise the progress of tasks that are delegated to others
        • Synchronize your assigned or delegated Tasks with your Palm® devices or Outlook® programs
        Use your Database Manager to
        • Organize, store and share your critical information
        • Create your databases by using one of our many easy-to-use Templates
        • Quickly sort, group and filter your data to produce reports for further analysis

    • Collect Your Thoughts!
      • Use our powerful Search Tools to find knowledge, wisdom and advice contained within our
        • Online Library materials and extensive Library services,
        • Collections of Mind-, Concept- and Strategy-Maps,
        • Galleria of Software, Information Products, Papers, Toolkits, and Educational Services
        Discuss your challenges, concerns and problems with your peers, associates and suppliers
        • Using our internal, secure discussion areas
        • Through your personal private email messaging system
        • Quickly and cost-effectively use our Web- and Audio-Conferencing service
        Take advantage of our affiliations with idea-processing, creativity-enhancement and innovation-generating tools, programs and systems

    • Connect With Your World!
      • Our outstanding email program offers much more than privacy, security and flexibility:
        • A personalized, private and fully web-based email address
        • Ability to pick-up messages from or automatically forward them to your other email boxes and receive or send HTML messages,
        • Synchronize your email box with your handheld or other email program
        Quickly and easily set-up, run and participate in Web-based or Audio Conferences [or both at the same time]
        • Share your text, presentation, animated documents, desktop tools or programs with your colleagues, vendors and clients
        • You can present pre-loaded presentations, annotate charts, and interact with your audience using whiteboards, Q&A, chat and polling tools
        • Your security features include conference lock, roll call, and conference passcodes
        • You get full conference reporting capabilities and participant evaluation results
        • Save money on your web-based and phone conferencing charges by using our services at reduced rates

    [Annual Value = $4500]
    [Palm and Microsoft Outlook are Registered Trademarks of their respective Owners]

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    60-minute Web-based Courses

    You have the opportunity to enroll in special 60-minute Webinars and Web-based Coaching Sessions! - where you can go on the "Leader's Journey of Self-Discovery" or learn how to "Add Substantial Value to All Your Leadership Performances" - Read our Catalog!

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