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From: Bill Thomas
RE: Becoming a Great Organizational Leader

According to a report published by BusinessNewsDaily, nearly 84% of all American employees were planning to search for new jobs in 2011. This reflects a significant increase from the 60% who were planning to change jobs in 2010. Only 5% of the respondents to the survey wanted to stick with their current job. According to Douglas Matthews, President of career-management agency Right Management, “This finding is more about employee dissatisfaction and discontent than projected turnover. Employees’ trust has been seriously shaken and there is a general lack of confidence in leaders. So this is a wake-up call to management.”

Employees are suffering mainly because of the weak job market, recession, and disruptive workforce and economic changes. That is why excellence in leadership is crucial to achieving sustainable success today.

Great Leadership Improves the Quality of the Work & Life Experiences
For Your Employees, Partners And Communities.

Today, leaders are operating in the toughest business environment, where margins are tight and decisions need to be made quickly. Great leaders demonstrate their business ethics and instill a positive culture in their everyday work.

A key example of great leadership can be seen in the Ford Motor Company. Through the competent leadership and guidance of CEO, Alan Mulally, the organization transformed itself from a struggling company to the most admired automaker.

There was one leader who business, governmental and community services leaders across the world admired, that was Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple. Everyone at Apple, from the top to the bottom, focused on producing easy to use, well-designed products that were used for innovative entertainment experiences and as robust tools of productivity under the leadership of Steve Jobs.

What these examples reveal is that the quality, amount (quantity) and authenticity (sincerity and honesty) of effective, efficient, energizing leadership always determines the fate of an organization. Great leaders motivate people to give their best, they guide their associates, teams, colleagues, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to travel in the right direction to achieve the goals and realize the vision of their organizations.

Here are some other important reasons why you need great leadership skills to survive and thrive in today’s complex political, economic and social environments.

Why Must You Master The Practices Of Great Leadership?

  • Great leaders empower, engage and inspire team members to work smarter and harder. Leaders strengthen the commitment of individuals to reach for more ambitious and profitable goals.

  • Energizing leadership creates, boosts and sustains the enthusiasm and self-confidence among workers. A great leader provides wise insights, advice and guidance to help people see their true potential, capabilities and strengths.

  • Great leaders are always preparing, developing and coaching their workforce - they use their "work patterns" as opportunities to assist anyone who needs guidance.

  • Effective leaders enable the organization to maintain a trusting and deeper relationship with its internal clients along with its external customers and constituents. Client-driven organizations help convince investors, grantors and other sponsors to fund new projects.

  • Great leaders find ways to instill harmonious relations between the employees, external communities and the owners or directors of an organization.

  • Awesome leadership encourages people to remain determined, enthusiastic and motivated even when the organization is facing tough times and difficult challenges. Authentic leaders help improve the product or service quality and overall productivity of the team members.

  • Great leaders manage the smooth, stable, sustainable operation of the organization. Leaders ensure that employees are financially and beneficially compensated in a fair, yet timely manner, and that shareholders, sponsors and community stakeholders are content with the returns on their investments.

  • Competent leadership means being a facilitator of change (making it easy for people to change) while convincing people that there is a compelling need for change. Good leadership acts as a catalyst, champion and key coordinator during the challenging process of change.

  • Great leaders identify the noble ideals, set strategic objectives and communicate key priorities for the organization as they provide clearly defined directions for achieving those targeted goals, lofty missions and desired results.

  • Leadership excellence is vital for aligning the corporate vision with the organization's cultural beliefs and for raising the performance levels of employees. Leadership superiority builds strong human relationships, fosters personal growth, energizes positive interactions, enforces discipline and enhances voluntary cooperation within the organization.

Overall, great leaders build agreement around the common objectives and goals of an organization, they improve collaboration between colleagues and team members and they help others achieve greater success.

"The signs of outstanding leadership appear primarily among the followers. Are the followers
reaching their potential? Are they learning? Serving? Do they achieve the required results?
Do they change with grace? Manage conflict?"
~ Max de Pree, CEO, Author, Speaker

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