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Are You Ready For A Legendary Leadership
Education That Uses Skills-Based, Action-Driven
Blended Multimedia Training & Strategic Coaching
Follow-Up Support Helps You Quickly & Effectively
Produce Strategic Profits & Performance Results?

"You Need This 16-Week Awesome-Leadership Power Program!"

It's Your Powerfully Immediate, Immersive, Intensive, Intelligent Educational Solution

  1. Evaluate Improvement-Growth Needs: Using Complexity, Problems and Challenges To Creatively Determine Your Key Priorities and Most Profitable Opportunities
  2. Shape A Compelling Vision: Construct, Craft and Communicate Powerfully Proactive, Robustly Empowered and Emotionally Engaging Visionary Positions
  3. Build Effective Leadership Agendas: Easily Identify and Focus Every Action On Addressing Your Most Important Organizational and Strategic Priorities or Objectives
  4. Pursue Strategic Goals and Objectives: Learn How to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills, Enhance the Mapping and Planning of Your Strategy, Master the Art of Aligning Your Strategy With Employee Development and Managing Processes for Effective Execution
  5. Harmonize Your Behaviors: Applying Your Talents, Values and Intelligences to Energetically Drive Employee Commitment and Consistently Take Effective, Results-Driven Action
  6. Connect Your Core Strengths With 10 Key Power-Patterns of Leadership: Using the Best of Your Natural Behaviors, Traits and Personal Strengths to Competently Engage Employees and Confidently Encourage Their Hearts
  7. Perform Transformational Leadership Roles: Learn How to Superbly and Confidently Perform Highly Effective Leadership Roles As You Cleverly Increase Your Impacts On Organizational Performance
➔ It's 3 months long, that's 16 weeks of Training, Coaching and Follow-Up Tutoring You Get More Than 50 Hours of Action-Oriented, Results-Driven, Blended, Multimedia Training!
➔ It features 2 CDs, 3 DVDs, PLUS 35 Workbooks, Papers and Interactive Visual Aids;
➔ It comes with monthly 75-90 minute Live Group Coaching Sessions, 2 Sessions per Month (recorded sessions are in the Members' Only Area **);
➔ It also gives you 12, Phone-based, 30-minute, Private, 1-on-1, Executive Coaching & Tutoring Follow-Up Sessions with Bill Thomas;
➔ It's Better - Every 2-Weeks, there is a Live (and it's recorded) 60+ Minute Supplemental Webinar summarizing a key topic that means your Program includes 7 Supplemental Webinars!

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LEARN HOW Their Problems Got Solved - GUARANTEED!

It's simply amazing how good life can feel when you've solved your problems through your learning, understanding and expert wisdom - that's how effective leaders transform poorly conceived ideas into golden results. The key was always based on....

What Our Satisfied Customers Say About Our "Toolkit" Of Effective Training and Coaching Methods!

"I'm learning (by teachings, clear assignments and discussions with an experienced leader, Bill Thomas) the foundations of leadership, learning to listen and communicate with my people and learning to empower my managers.

I'm (also) learning how to equip my people and develop their skills, and their confidence and self-esteem grows (even stronger) because they are already started to see some (tangible) results with what they now call my "new methods".

My vision is getting clearer for me and my people and they already feel more empowered to achieve that vision. We are less afraid about dealing with daily problems, coaching the employees, training them and letting go those that didn't align with our vision.

One of the greatest influences of the Awesome Leadership Program on our management structure is the fact that all my managers now see that even recurrent minor problems with an employee impacts our whole vision about great restaurants and they now know that they have the responsibility to act upon those little problems because they are the creators of our vision.

So, you don't have to be a big company to (see really positive, measurable) benefits from (Awesome Leadership) teaching and program. If I could have joined that program when I was the manager of just one restaurant, I would have been more skilled to help my colleagues and started to build a strong structure. The company would already be different by now.

The Awesome Leadership Training Program is very helpful and produces real positives changes in our day-by-day realities. I would recommend it to any other manager or supervisor who'd like to improve their situation or transform their company into a great company."
Ms. Marie-Claude Trottier
Executive VP - Subway
Quebec, Canada

Dear Mr. Bill Thomas,
Thank you very much for sharing this information with me.

From the first page that I begun to read it seemed to me very interesting and captivating.

These information is very well presented and very useful for my work and for my profession.

Innovative Leadership is a subject that arises my interest... So every thing I read it is very useful... I will be able to use your pieces of advice (here) in my job and profession.

Thank you very much.
Good luck with your activities and with your business. Best regards,
Mihaela Doncea, MBA

"Your ears should have been burning earlier today as I told (our Dean and the other Professors) about the great ("Vision-Mapping" and "Strategic Planning") process you have been leading us (Executive Board Members and Program Directors) through."
Dr. J. Fraser
Department Chair & Professor
Colorado USA

"Thank you very much too. All information I (have received) from your (Program) helps me a lot, especially in my profession as a Professor in Business Management and Marketing subjects and even in my Doctoral classes."
Dr. R. Salvador
Professor - Business Management & Marketing

"Using this "(Meeting Management Software) Generator!" has made leading and managing our meetings fabulously productive and enjoyable - Thanks!"
Lynn S.
Executive Director & Business Consultant
Colorado USA

"Another winner tool from you guys, you helped me suck the hassle factor out of all my insane meetings"
David S.
Business Development & Marketing Services
Colorado USA

Here's What Readers Say About Our Executive Guides

"I really like the paper you sent me. I am reading it very slowly and savoring it. I am inspired...  I also like the cadences of your writing. Some of your sentences beg to be read aloud."
Dr. Jane M. Fraser
Author, Professor & Chair-Engineering Department
Colorado State University-Pueblo

"Thanks Bill,
I just read it.  It is thoughtful and well presented.   It is especially applicable to those people who get so busy running their own companies/organizations that they don't have the time to research how they might or should be improving.
All the best."
Ann Blackburn, Ph.D.
Organizational Performance Improvement Consultant
California, USA