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These Imagination Age Leadership Power Strategies feature leadership skills training, leadership development coaching and leadership training programs are for executives, managers, leading teams, professionals and entrepreneurs
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Awesome Leadership Power
3-Month Course of Study -- Risk Free Enrollment
"Energizing Your Cognitive, Coaching And Creative
Imagination Age Leadership Power & Performances!"

CEOs executives, managers, management professionals and entrepreneurs need very strong cognitive, coaching and creative leadership skills for Imagination Age Leadership Power

YES Bill! I am so ready to finally  take control of my
professional destiny, and begin transforming my potential,
my talents and expertise into powerful leadership successes!

Please enroll me immediately in this daily training & work-study program... 

WEEK 1 -- Expanding The Scope Of My Cognitive Leadership. I realize how crucial it is to properly assess, evaluate and understand the latest principles of results-focused, time-compressed, knowledge-driven leadership in this Imagination Age... BEFORE investing my valuable time and hard-earned resources in the pursuit of unsustainable ideals. The lessons I learn this week (about today's essential paradigms, practices and purposes) will quickly prepare me to zero in on my strongest capabilities... where I can leverage my passion, skills and expertise with great effect...

-- In lessons 8-14, you're sending me "7 Exploratory Adventures Into The Most Vital Leadership Landscapes -- And How to Easily Extract Their Wealth" - the multimedia messages, diagrams and case studies will reveal strategies to position, empower and shape me for tangible success within the context of situational domains, structural competencies, emotional-social panoramas, authority constructs, synergetic symmetries, strategic positioning and dimensional controls.

WEEK 3 -- I'm receiving your "Deep Dives Into The Practices of Cognitive Leadership"  - this week's recipes are filled with remarkable insights. I'm getting your Executive Guides, Video Lectures, Interactive Maps and Workbooks which cover the major aspects of leadership -- from problem-solving to decision-making,  from managing time to maximizing my knowledge resources, from developing effective leadership styles to communicating powerful visions. During this week, I'll learn how to "think about leading", I'll see how leaders at every level adopt effective behaviors and I'll discover the attributes, nature and secrets of social energy, to understand how it flows and where energy impacts my leadership and my performances...

WEEK 4 -- I'll embark upon exciting "Journeys Through The 7 Broad Horizons of Cognitive Leadership Power — Pushing The Envelope Beyond The Ordinary" - this week, I'll practice and improve my skills in priority setting, directing people, constructing strategic plans, shaping and managing my daily leadership agenda, dissecting and unraveling the archetypes of knowledge, systems and critical thinking and using cognitive schemas, strategies & safety nets to master the complexities, challenges and contextual clues of my daily leadership tasks

WEEK 5 -- I'll learn Essential Examinations of Organizational Ecosystems, Metaphysics, Scientific Research for Coaching Leaders, your crash course on preparing myself and my people for on-going coaching and training interventions. During this 5th week, you're covering everything I need to know from evaluating employee performances to analyzing root-causes for human behaviors, from identifying effective communications strategies to discovering productive learning processes, from researching models of best practices to designing resilient strategies, structures and systems for ALL my coaching, mentoring and training activities...

WEEK 6 -- I'm discovering How To Robustly Apply Strategic Knowledge To My Own Coaching, Training and Consulting Activities - these text lessons, diagrams, concept maps, articles, worksheets and pre-recorded audio and video sessions are where you fully delineate the exact knowledge we need, you define the most efficient processes for aligning employee development efforts with our organizational goals, and you describe the best methods we need to boost the competency, attention, accountability and confidence of our employees as they work with our clients, partners and stakeholders...

WEEK 7 -- I'm tapping into your best kept secret -- Educational Models, Functions and Elements For Developing Effective Employees. You're teaching me how to educate, engage and encourage my employees to become self-directed, results-oriented, possibility-thinking learners who can successfully compete in today's globally connected, technology-driven economy...

WEEK 8 -- I’m plugging in to your awesome video tutorials, handbooks, cognitive maps, process blueprints and operational briefings on Coaching Methods To Improve Work Performances, Energize Employee Commitment and Strengthen Morale -- with all those resources, guidance and tools, I'll discover your most powerful secrets for systematically leveraging the awesome talents, passion and expertise of ALL our employees, partners and volunteers!

WEEK 9 -- I'm ready to learn how I can develop my own Philosophy For Unleashing My Innovative and Creative Leadership Opportunities, -- in the 7 mini-courses being sent to me this week is where you begin to dig deeply into the mechanics, systems and environmental factors I need to understand to effectively question, assess, measure and evaluate all the key parameters of our knowledge assets, organizational dynamics and global realities. I also realize that these concepts will continue to be explored, examined and explained in Weeks 10-12.

WEEK 10 -- I'm using this week's lessons to learn How To Identify, Apply and Energize My Innovative Leadership Power Strategies - based on the findings in your insider's report, I will learn how to accurately focus, magnify and sharpen my leadership energies, while you show me where to concentrate my leadership efforts to unlock the 5 major leverage areas of hidden potential within our enterprise. I will discover how to use 19 different innovative leadership styles to successfully create strategic collaborations and intelligently take advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities within our own organization, along with our trading partners and our marketplaces.

WEEK 11 -- I'm reaching higher in my professional growth with lessons on Mastering The Activities Of Positioning, Propelling and Preserving My Innovative Leadership Power. Now, I'm applying the concepts, processes, skills and expertise I have acquired to be that problem-solving, vision-making, strategy planning, agenda-setting, clearly communicating, coaching, innovating leadership resource that my employees, my organization and my customers want me to be. In this week's lessons, I am learning, practicing and perfecting the 10 powerful actions effective leaders use to establish, sustain and energize their positions. I realize that no one else teaches these positioning strategies, so I won't be surprised when other managers, professionals and executives begin asking me where and how they too can become an inspirational, entrepreneurial, transformational leader like me...

WEEK 12 -- I'm rounding out my training with your Energy-Amplifying, Mass-Conversion, Velocity-Boosting Evolutionary, Innovative, Entrepreneurial Leadership Secrets tutorials, which are based on your 2-volume publication of the same name, where you fully define, completely describe and totally explain the "physics" of organizational behaviors, the "synergetics" of social energies and the "quantum mechanics" of effective leadership practices. With your guidance, I will see how to apply your secrets to analyze, measure, classify, compute, gauge and audit those forces of synergetics, quantum forces and physics to elevate the performances, raise the productivity, boost the innovations, unleash the momentum and lift the growth and the consistent profitability of my organization...

Normally, your three month Awesome Leadership Programs curriculum is just $497 per month, but because I'm signing on as an "early-bird" enrollee NOW -- by August 31 2014 -- I'm getting this life-changing training for only $297 per month - Enroll Me NOW for your Fast-Mover Bonuses!

Plus, I'm also walking away from your site with these valuable rewards for being decisive...

leadership skills training and leadership development coaching programs, executives managers entrepreneurs management professionals

(Fast Movers Only) -- In-Depth Value-Energizing Coaching Mission Statement Review: At my request, you'll go through my Coaching Mission Statement from top to bottom, right from the employee performance parameters or analysis models where I need to intervene... to the components of my coaching plans that can help my actions have their biggest impact on employee accountability... and everything in between.

I'm receiving a detailed 3 page Executive Summary FILLED with specific performance-enhancing recommendations and my own Value-Energizing Coaching Roadmap designed to robustly enrich employee performances. This is a $450 value -- and when I implement your suggestions these Materials will help me make improvements worth many more times than that!

(Fast Movers Only) -- 2, Monthly, 20-Minute Telephone Consulting "Life Line" Conferences: At some point along the way it's inevitable I'll run into problems, roadblocks and tough decisions as I'm building my skills, knowledge and competency as an effective leader. That's to be expected, and I'm ready for it.

To meet these challenges, I can arrange these 2 additional private, one-on-one, 20-minute consulting calls to pick your brain and gain the clarity I need to work through my issue and move forward -- Bill, Are you saying I can have 2, 20-minute private phone calls with Bill Thomas EVERY MONTH? Yes, that's 40 minutes per month or at least 120 total minutes of private, 1-on-1 confidential phone conversations with Bill throughout the 12 Weeks of this Program! --
Know That Having This Personal Access To Your Guidance is a $3000 value!

(Fast Movers Only) -- Personal Leadership Power Training Series: Every week I'm receiving a comprehensive audio program or Web-based course from your Personal Leadership Power training series, that's adding 12 complete personal-power boosting resources in total to my library -- a $597 value!

I'm learning from some of the best positive thinking, personal empowerment and emotional intelligence resources available on the Net, as you help me apply these proven life planning... self-image building... masterminding... goal-setting... taking decisive confident action... loving myself... improving my memory... healthy living... strategies and tactics for manifesting the Law of Attraction in every facet of my life -- I'll easily make every decision and take every action with supreme confidence!

Plus, on graduation day, I'm receiving access to this entire Awesome Leadership Power archive, including our 35-item Personal Excellence Collection, $847 worth of stunning additional bonuses from the likes of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, James Allen, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and other super sharp, hyper-successful, ultra-wise advisers.

leadership skills training and leadership development coaching programs, executives managers entrepreneurs management professionals
leadership skills training and leadership development coaching programs, executives managers entrepreneurs management professionalsAltogether, that's up to $4,314 in great savings and smart bonuses just for giving Awesome Leadership a risk-free try!

I realize I can cancel my 3-month Awesome Leadership Power3 month satisfaction money back guarantee membership at anytime and opt out of this game-changing training.
In the extremely unlikely event I'm unhappy with my membership I can even ask for and receive a full refund of every penny I paid that month1 -- anytime during my enrollment!

With that understanding, here's my order. I can't wait to begin learning your best secrets for becoming an effective leader -- and elevating the cognitive, coaching and creative results of my organization, my leadership and my employees...

Please get me started today.
All my training materials are Web-based or can be digitally downloaded in pdf, zip, exe or mp3 format.

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My Enrollment In This 3-Month, Game-Changing Program Puts Me in the Running For $4314 Worth
of Awesome Bonus Items, The 12 Full Weeks of Daily Lessons, Software Tools And Training Materials
And My Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee for just $297 a Month or My One-Time Payment of $777

I'm Ready to Save $114 By Making 1 Payment of $777
Or I Prefer to Make 3 Monthly Payments Of $297

Use A Credit Card Or Paypal
Our Safe and Secure Servers Will Keep
Your Personal Details Confidential And Private

With My Credit Card or Paypal
I Am Clicking Here To SAVE $114 By
Making A One-Time Payment of $777

Here's My Credit/Bank Card To Make My 1st
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Three (3) Monthly Payments of $297

1 Other guidelines you should be aware of -
  • Some of the Videos, Audios, Mind-maps and other graphical or non-textual media files might not be available to you for downloading to your own computer system, because of this fact, you will definitely want to view these types of files during or at least 5 days after the expiration of your Subscription period or Contact us for additional access time.

  • Live sessions (such as, Chatroom, Web or Phone based sessions, etc.) will be scheduled at least one week in advance - we will send you a form to complete to help you choose the most convenient times and dates for your schedule - if you fail to forward your scheduling preferences in a timely manner, we reserve the right to offer you a shortlist of appointments of our own choosing

  • We expect you understand that our materials are for your exclusive use - if some other person wishes or demands to share your lessons with you, please kindly ask them to obtain their own Subscription or purchase their own copies of our copyrighted property (in this type of Program, sharing really means you are "stealing" - there is no other word for it!)

  • You may not publish any portion or part of our materials, publications, tools or even quotes from this Program - in the majority of cases, we will not grant our permission for any reprint or publishing requests - violators of this policy will have their Subscriptions automatically cancelled with no refunds whatsoever and in certain jurisdictions, you may even be prosecuted or sued.

  • If you, in anyway, abuse, adversely impact, are unreasonable or make unfavorable comments about our company, our services, our suppliers and providers or their systems or our personnel or partners in any type of public forum or venue, we will cancel your Subscription and you will not receive any refunds - we hope you trust us enough that you will first give us the option of finding and following some reasonable or formalized ways to make things right with you.

  • Our guarantee is that there is only one form of guarantee that is right for this type of Subscription-based Program - that is, we can only guarantee that we will perform, to the best of our abilities, to deliver these services and products to you - however, I cannot guarantee you will develop a better attitude nor will our Program transform you into a stunning beauty nor overnight success or help you become more successful nor become rich and famous nor earn more money or prosper nor benefit in any material or tangible ways whatsoever (therefore, the only exceptions where we would consider giving a refund would be for someone who earnestly applied every piece of advice provided by our Program or anyone who only used a very small portion of or a very brief period of their One-Time Subscription Payment) - however, as a first option, we would expect that you would be committed to allowing us to make you whole through our other educational tools, services or products.

  • Whenever, these guidelines, terms or disclaimers fail to address, describe or explain our positions on any particular situation, conflict or event, our Web Site Usage Terms or User Policy will apply or supersede these items.

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