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Professional Excellence Collection

Writing Success Secrets
Practical Tips and Tricks For Everyday Writing
Revised Edition
Copyright � Shaun Fawcett, 2004. All rights reserved.

Writing Success Secrets (Revised Edition) is even more comprehensive than the original "how-to" writing help eBook. Similar to the first edition, this revised and expanded version is also designed to help people with their everyday writing tasks and kick-start the writing process. But, it has been expanded to a full 89 pages of high-value content (up from 56) and is now packed with over 20,000 words of tips, tricks, advice and information on how to improve one's writing in just about every area where practical writing help is required on a day-to-day basis. The nine chapters cover 20 different writing topics including: letter writing (personal, business), business reports, recommendation and reference letters, resignation letters, resume writing, writer's block, writing tools, college admission essays and personal statements, and more. This eBook is a "must have" reference resource for anyone wanting to improve their practical writing skills for home and/or business.

Winning Secrets for Personal and Professional Success
"The Secret to Winning Every Single Time
In Everything You Do"
"Exactly how to rise far
and high above the crowd

in every aspect of your life
so you can enjoy all the
happiness, prosperity
and MONEY you
want - any time
you want it!"

Success Quotes by Robbins, Covey, Rohn and more 44 Inspirational, Motivational Pages of Empowering Success Quotes, Life-enriching & Performance-enhancing Advice from Leaders like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn & Many More!

7 Bonus Reports to Help You
Stay Healthy in Your Spirit, Mind and Body
Achieve More, Reduce Stress & Boost Your Power:

Bonus Report-1
The 3 Most Powerful Ways to Get Yourself to Achieve ANYTHING
Despite Pressure, Deadlines, and Procrastination

Bonus Report-2
Effortless Power - The Keys To Your Personal Power! - includes:

1) Importance of your Spirit Connection
2) How Belief Systems Affect Power
3) Discovering Your Hidden Underlying Assumptions
4) Clear Thinking for Effective Power Direction
5) Gaining Emotional Control for True Power
6) An All-Purpose Formula for Directing Power
7) Creating Your Own "Good Luck"
8) Psychic Self-Protection
9) Attracting Money Effortlessly
10) Spiritual Seduction
11) Healing Body and Mind
12) Power Amplification

Bonus Report-3
30 Second Energy Boosters
Secrets To Blasting Your Energy Levels Through The Roof!

Bonus Report-4
How to Free Yourself of ANY Disease,
Stop Fatigue,and Create Unstoppable
Energy in Your Life

20 Pages of Proven Techniques for Enjoying Unlimited Health and Energy!

Bonus Report-5
powerful Sleep Secrets   "Powerful Sleep - Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock"
Learn how to sleep for 4-5 hours and feel more rested, more alert, and more energized than you did when you slept for 8 or 9 hours (or more)!

Bonus Report-6
WHY Most People Will Never Get What They Want!
How To Change Your Life and Succeed

Bonus Report-7
39 Success Secrets To Make More Money!
39 Money-making Strategies You Can Use and Profit From Everyday!

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personal, professional life goal setting guide Your Guide to Successfully Setting and Reaching Your Goals!
69 Content Rich Pages to Help You Assess, Evaluate Your Progress and Achieve Your Life Goals!

How to Study Effectively, Productively and Quickly!
226 pages of practical techniques, procedures and shortcuts

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Take Your Project Leadership Skills to Higher Levels!
This Book Uses Proven Project Management Methods and:
  • Delivers the basics of all Projects (Quality, Cost and Delivery) to speed your management skills right now on your project.

  • Shows you how to manage and BALANCE your QCD deliverables to deliver first time on time.

  • Trains you to RUN a Project Team Meeting with precision that delivers RESULTS.

  • Instructs you in the right DECISION MAKING PROCESS to move your project forward
Improve Your Project Leadership
and Management Effectiveness
Learn How Today!