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3 Elements of Leadership Power!

by Bill Thomas

Published on this site: January, 2005

In an article discussing the need for innovative products
and profitable service offerings, Vinutha V., points out
that, "improvements are only the expected results, not the
source of competitive advantage. Improved product
development through innovation arises from the knowledge
and experience of employees."
[Source: The Financial
Express - appearing in ZDNetIndia News]

Soft skills, "holistic development", "employee empowerment"
and other terms are merely euphemisms for leadership energy
- they are the process, purpose and principle which supply
people with knowledge and propel them to take competent

"Is not the holy energy of true love ever sagacious,
far-sighted and prophetic? Truth is not isolated: it is not
a part, but the whole. It is love, and beauty, and joy. The
wise man does not believe and opine, but he knows and is
the very truth which he utters. His thought is action: his
knowledge is love"
[Emerson's Essays, by A Disciple, in the
US Democratic Review Volume-16, Issue-84]

Leading is an act of energetic purpose - it's the directing,
 focusing, shaping or configuring of energy towards a
desired objective.

Over time and the distance of space, leaders use the
energies available to them to become that instrument
through whom energy propels the group.

Where does that energy come from? It is already present in
many forms and places, specifically it is:

=> inside and outside the organization - generally called
the organization's environment,

=> a function of an organizational sub-system [usually
configured as a department or section with its own unique
set of policies, processes & interactions] or from outside
agencies that interact with the system,

=> the products, results or energy flows produced by
employees and associates.

What does energy look like? Actually seeing energy with the
naked eye is impossible but with the aid of applied
knowledge, we can see evidence of its effects.

Every manifestation of energy assumes an aspect of the
following forms:

- A physical circumstance or object;

- An intellectual impulse or calculation;

- A spiritual activation or expression;

- A developmental permission or evolution

Skillful leaders sense the truths of energy, they use it to
facilitate, enable, empower or enlighten their people. They
use moments when energy is at its greatest strength to
train or educate people and develop their commitment,
self-actualization and abilities even further.

The 3 elements of leadership power are:

  1. Enable or empower people [physical & develop]

  2. Enlighten or educate people [intellect or inspire]

  3. Energize or elevate people [inspire or develop]
We know that leaders like Jack Welch, Tom Peters, Gandhi,
George Washington and Jesus Christ have understood these
fundamental principles - think of the substantial legacies
left by those leaders, look at how they helped to
accelerate the pace and light the way towards change and
progress for their followers.

"Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just
like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price
we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal."
Vince Lombardi

You can be the channel, instrument and focus through which
energy works its magical transformations - it's up to you
to make it so!

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